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Kelly Osbourne Gets New Head Tattoo

Kelly Osborn Gets New Head Tattoo

Over the years Kelly Osbourne has changed her image soooooo much.

Recently Kelly decided to have another new look and to have most of her head shaven and just have the hair on the top of her head long.

Now Kelly has shared a photo of a new tattoo that she has decided to have on the shaven part of her head!

The tattoo says ‘Stories…’ and just moments before the tattoo Kelly was tweeting akin what she should do that evening!

Kelly then shared a number of photo of her at the  Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood where tattoo artist, Dr Woo, gave her the new ink.

Along with one of the photo’s Kelly apologised to her mum Sharon Osbourne and dad Ozzy Osbourne for getting the new ink as she said:

‘Sorry mum and dad but I love it!’

We have to say it’s not one of the best ideas she’s ever had but at the end of the day along as she’s happy with it.

Also if one day she decided she didn’t like it she could grow her hair and cover it up.

Check out her photos below.


Kelly Osborne Shows Off Her Pert Bottom As She Poses For Online Photo

Kelly Osborne Shows Off Her Pert Bottom As She Poses For Online Photo

Since Kelly Osborne has lost a lot of weight she has never been so conferment.

Now the Fashion Police star posed for a photo showing off her very pert bottom as her hairstylist Ryan Randall pulled her jeans down.

Along with the photo Kelly said:

It’s not a #FullMoon but it feels like one! Good luck everyone tonight!’

It’s good to see that she has the conferdance to flash the flesh because it was a different story a few years ago.

Sharon Osbourne To Become A Loose Woman For The Day!

Sharon Osbourne To Become A Loose Woman For The Day!

Sharon Osbourne is well know for her loose mouth.

But now Sharon will become a Loose Woman for the day one day next week ITV have annouced.

It still hasn’t been said what day Mrs O will be on the show but it will be announced soon.

Sharon is no stranger to ladies shows because she is a current panellist on America’s version of Loose Women The Talk.

Taylor Swift & Kelly Osbourne Hang Out In A Tree!

Taylor Swift & Kelly Osbourne Hang Out In A Tree!

Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Swift have decided to take some time out of their sceduals to hang out just like good friends in a tree.The pair who are very good friends are back together again because Taylor has been working hard around the word recently.

Along with the snap Kelly said:

So happy @taylorswift is back #WeLikePeasAndCarrotsAgain! Claiming trees!!!!!!

It seems Kelly and Taylor are big kids at heart.

Kelly Osbourne Gets A Spray Painting Lesson From Justin Bieber!

Kelly Osbourne is never a one to keep her opinions to herself.

But now the Fashion Police star has spoken out about all the trouble Justin Bieber has caused and asked everyone to cut him some slack.

Kelly said:

“Every teenager deserves to make a mistake and act out and to learn from them. How can they learn from their mistakes if there’s always somebody there trying to fix it for them and no one actually really trying to help? In that situation, when it comes to Justin Bieber, I find it really unfair. And I think people need to give him a break.”

At the end of the day Kelly knows what she’s talking about with all the troubles she had over the years but now she has grown up from then.

Maybe Justin needs to ask her for some advice.

Kelly Osbourne Gets Into A Twitter Row With Paris Hilton!

Kelly Osbourne Gets Into A Twitter Row With Paris Hilton!

Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton have gotten themselves into another Twitter row!

It all started at this years  Coachella when Paris approached Kelly in one of the VIP rooms and Kelly refused to let paris in and hang out with her!

The it’s been said that Paris shouted out and called Kelly a b*tch and stormed out of the room in a huff.

Kelly has now tweeted:

Paris then saw the tweet and replied:

We think to be honest it’s all one big missunderstanding.

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