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Prince George Has Spiderman Pyjamas

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Yesterday Kate Middleton and Prince William where in MacRosty Park in Crieff, Scotland and Kate told five year-old Jamie Speedie that their baby son Prince George has Spiderman pyjamas as she stopped to talk to him.

Kate also said that the pyjamas are too big for the little one so he will have to wait before he can wear them.

Jamie’s mother Lianne McNamara told the media:

“George has Spiderman pyjamas but they are too big for him just now.”

“She was saying how much her little boy has grown so big, so quickly,”

Aww we could just see him dressed up as Spiderman he so cute.

Kieran Hayler ‘Hates’ Jane Pountney And Says She Made Him Cheat On Katie Price!

Kieran Hayler ‘Hates' Jane Pountney And Says She Made Him Cheat On Katie Price!

Katie Price’s cheating husband Kieran Hayler has spoken out since the news broke about his affair with Katie’s best friend Jane Pountney.

Talking about the affair Kieran said that he ‘hates’ Jane and she made him have the affair

Talking to The Sun the cheat said:

“I am blaming myself a lot and I hate Jane. I feel like she is the one who has done this to the family,”

“She made me do this. She didn’t say, ‘No’. She was meant to be Kate’s best friend and she didn’t even apologise.

“I’m going to try to save my marriage but I’ve almost ruined it. Kate has been an absolute mess. She is focused purely on her children and pregnancy — I have no idea if she will forgive me.”

He carried on in saying:

“I took a risk and pulled Jane towards me in the kitchen of the villa where we were staying in France while Kate went to do a night feed.

“It was awkward but we kissed and I knew she was the one who could give me what I needed. Within weeks we were having a full-blown sexual affair.”

It takes two to tango that’s all we are saying.

Katie Price Is Never Going To Speak To Peter Andre Again!

Katie Price Is Never Going To Speak To Peter Andre Again!

Katie Price and Peter Andre split up over five years ago now and haven’t had much contact.

But now Katie has said that she will NEVER speak to Pete again.

In a interview with Fabulous magazine the former glamour model admitted:

‘I never wanted a divorce from Peter,’ ‘That was his decision, not mine.’

‘He’s never, to this day, told me the reason why. We don’t speak. Too much has gone on. I’ll never speak to him again.’

Katie then we on to admit that her world fell a part when she split from Pete as she said:

‘I can be bad … When Pete left me, I was devastated and I went out drinking and partying.’’

‘It was my way of melting down – I felt like everyone hated me and none of it was my decision. My life fell apart.’

Katie also admitted that she feels a lot happier when she’s in a relationship:

‘When I’m single, I’m bad. When I’m in a miserable relationship, I’m bad, but when I’m in a good relationship, I’m ‘happy Kate.’

She does seem really happy being in a  relationship and in fact we think this is the happiest she’s ever been.

Kate Middleton And Price William To Have Another Baby!

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Kate Middleton had a straight forward pregnancy appart from the morning sickness and it seems like she enjoyed it so much she’s thinking about having another one.

A source has said:

“William and Kate are very keen to start trying for baby No. 2. They’d be thrilled if Kate were pregnant by Christmas. William and Kate will be splitting their time during the holidays with Kate’s family and the queen in Sandringham House in Norfolk, so it would be the perfect moment for an announcement.”

Another source has reported:

“They know this time will fly by, and they figure they might as well have another baby next year so they can deal with it all at the same time.”

Coronation Street’s Kate Ford And Husband Jon Connerty Are Having ‘Time Out’ From Their Marriage!

Coronation Street's Kate Ford And Husband Jon Connerty Are Having 'Time Out' From Their Marriage!

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford and her husband Jon Connerty are taking a ‘trial separation’.

The pair have been married for six years now and have a five year old son called Otis and have decided to take sometime away for each other.

The couple are said to still be  ‘in love’ but have  ‘drifted apart’ in recent months as sources have said:

‘It was a very mutual decision. It’s more of a case of taking some time out than an official separation.

‘Kate and Jon still love each other very much, but they’ve drifted apart. They’re still seeing a lot of each other, and are just having some space for the time being.

‘They remain absolutely devoted to their son, Otis.’

A spokesperson for Kate has said:

‘Kate and Jon are very private people. We can’t comment on their personal life.’


Cara Delevingne Calls Rihanna Whenever She’s Sad!

Cara Delevingne Calls Rihanna Whenever She's Sad!

Cara Delevingne and Rihanna are the best of friends and now we have learnt that Cara goes to Rihanna to be cheared u when she’s sad.

Talking in W‘s September issue, she said:

“I was just on holiday for three days in Greece with my sister, and I thought that would make me happy and relaxed. But when I stop everything, it’s really bad. I go crazy. In Greece, it was a lot of couples, and I felt alone, which made me sad. I called Rihanna. She said ‘It’s easy to drown yourself in work. That’s a form of escapism. So, if you’re alone and you want to cry, cry.’ And I did. But by then, it was time to leave and get back to my life.”

But Riri is not the only person she calls as she also said that she calls Kate Moss too.

The model of the moment has said:

“It only happened during Fashion Week! Which is, of course, the worst time of the year for me to be covered in scabs. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, and I’m sensitive. Kate [Moss] saw me before the Louis Vuitton show at 3 a.m., when I was being painted by people to cover the scabs. She said, ‘This is horrible! Why is this happening? I need to help you.’ She got me a doctor that afternoon; Kate gives really good advice.”

Cara has not been in the fame game for long so talking to people like Rihanna and Kate is good cos they know how to cope with things as they have been doing it for some time now.

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