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The Oscar Selfie Gets Recreated In Lego

The Oscar Selfie Gets Recreated In Lego

Over the last week the Oscar selfie has been copied by so many people.

But now the photo has been recreated by Lego.

In the selfie you can see Ellen DeGeneres’ and the rest of the clan made from lego!

Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o shared the photo with her Instagram followers as she said:

“And now we are Legos too! @lego. Birthday weekend of a lifetime! I think my brother had the #SpringBreak of a lifetime. Definitely most commemorated.”

Very good.

The lego people really look like the real A listers.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Selfie Gets Made Into The Simpsons!

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Selfie Gets Made Into The Simpsons!

The internet has been filed with recreations of the famous Oscars selfie that Ellen DeGeneres tweeted online.

But now one of the best recreations was made by The Simpsons.

Sharing the photo to the world Jared Leto posted the cartoon photo on his Instagram account align wight eh caption of:

“I finally made it. I am a Simpson. :)”

The part where Bradley Cooper is kicking Homer is the best part lol.

Great photo.


Kristen Stewart Try’s To Make Peace With Her Affair!

Even Kristen Stewart Mim Ad Dad Are On Robert Pattinsons Side!

 Kristen Stewart is siad to be having a hard time coming to turms with her relationship coming to an end all because of her affair but she is slowly making some progress

 toward forgiving herself and moving on…thanks to the writings of Mahatma Ghandi…whom she discovered through the Julia Roberts flick Eat, Pray, Love!

A source explains:

“Kristen is trying to find some inner peace within herself. And she is reading a lot. She has always been interested in philosophy and spirituality and she has been reading a lot of different books. Strangely enough, the one author that has really been resonating with her is Gandhi, who she decided to find out more about after watching ‘Eat, Pray Love’. She began reading a biography of his life, then turned to Gandhi’s own writing because she was seeking solace. The quote that particularly stands out for her is, ‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’ While she doesn’t know if Rob could forgive her, that statement has tempered her own regret. The remorse she has isn’t completely gone, but Gandhi’s words have certainly helped her find peace with the whole situation. Kristen isn’t beating herself up over it, she’s accepted that everyone makes mistakes and she has to learn from it.”

If she cant take what she has done then why do it!!

Julia Roberts Reveals What She Got For Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie For A Wedding Gift!


Well what could you get Hollywoods most famous coupple??

Well Julia Roberts has been thinking and she has came up with an amazing idea and we know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will love it!!

When she was asked just how excited she is about her friends getting married she said:

It’s exciting news. It’s always nice when you’re ready to hitch your wagon for eternity to somebody.

And guess what it is its a:


She now how to treat her friends we know that they will love that! Now they can go out on nights out with out having to worrie whos going to have the kids well done Julia they will love it!!!!!

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