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Is Kris Jenner About To Pose For Playboy??

Is Kris Jenner About To Pose For Playboy??

The younger Kardashian /Jenner family are no stranger to showing off their bodies.

But now it’s been rumoured that mum of the clan Kris Jenner is rumoured to be posing for Playboy in the near future!

Nothing has been confirmed if this is true or not but a spokesperson for Playboy was contacted and they replied with:

“We never comment one way or the other about these types of rumors.”

So it could be true??

Kim Kardashian did Playboy years go so will her mum follow in her daughters footsteps??

Bruce Jenner To Have His Adams Apple Removed!

Bruce Jenner To Have His Adams Apple Removed!

We told you a few months ago about the rumours flying around that Bruce Jenner was to undergo a sex change to become a woman and that was the reason behind the split from his wife Kris Jenner but he denied the rumours but now something else has brought the sex change up again.

Bruce has told TMZ that he is to undergo surgery next year to have his adams apple removed because he ‘never liked it’ well this is normally apart of the sex change!

The operations removes a part of the cartilage in the adams apple and makes it more flatter to look like a woman’s adams apple and typically performed on patients in the initial stages of gender reassignment surgery.

Talking to TMZ the reality star said:

‘I just never liked my trachea,’

Bruce has also been spotted out in LA looking more feminine and he even had his hair up in a pony tail.

Jenner has been growing his hair too so could Bruce be starting the stages of a sex change?

Kris Jenner Says Her Daughter Kim Kardashian’s Baby Is ‘Beautiful’!

Kris Jenner Says Her Daughter Kim Kardashian's Baby Is 'Beautiful'!

 Kris Jenner could not be happier at the moment!

With the birth of her granddaughter over the weekend Kris had the biggest smile on her face at the Emmy Awards.

Talking to reporters Jenner spilled:

“Were all good and extremely happy and thrilled for the new baby. She’s doing great and she’s beautiful.”


Kylie And Kendall Jenner Get A New Pet Dog!

Kylie And Kendall Jenner Get A New Pet Dog!

Kylie And Kendall Jenner have  adopted a little cute puppy.

They have said that they are in so much love with the pet and as you can see he’s going to be so well looked after by the Jenner and Kardashian family.

Kris Jenner Lips Swell Up MASSIVE!!!!

In the new season of it saw Kris Jenner whos lips swelled up massive as she woke up in her bed.

The leader of the Kardashian clan shows off her new look to daughter Kim, 31, and son Rob, 25, as the two siblings stand gobsmacked at their mother’s bedside.

Kris, who is still in her pyjamas and is wearing no make-up, appears horrified by her overnight transformation and tries to hide her mouth with her hand.

The rest of the family hear the commotion and rush into the bedroom surprised by Jenner’s plump top lip.

Her lips really are massive we don’t know why they went to the size of this.

She did not have no injections in her lips so could this be a bit of something or what we will just have to waite and see in the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashians Send Bruce Jenner Made Over Missing $200k Ferrari!!

Kim Kardashin at "Style Your Sim" fa...

Kim Kardashin at “Style Your Sim” fashion show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You may rember in last years series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kim went mad after she lost her earring in the sea well now it looks like she has gone mad again over a missing car!

Well the car really was not missing she just said that to play a joke on her stepfather Bruce Jenner!
Kardashian got the former sportsman panicked when they went out for a go kart-riding session yesterday and the 62-year-old expressed his wish to take her car for a spin.


The brunette stepped out to move the flashy set of wheels to a location where Jenner wouldn’t be able to get his hands on it.

Bruce was clearly concerned for the whereabouts of the white hot vehicle, taking to his mobile phone to report it stolen.

A little time after Kim came out and told Bruce where her car was and it was a joke!

Thankfully a stressed Bruce saw the funny side and all was forgiven as she hugged him to apologise for frightening him.

The pair are very close after the father of The Hills star Brody Jenner, married Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner when Kim was just a child.

Bruce Jenner laughing the whole thing of!

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