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Susanna Reid Forced To Cancel Family Holiday After Her Son’s Passport Gets Held Up In The Backlog!

Susanna Reid Forced To Cancel Family Holiday After Her Son’s Passport Gets Held Up In The Backlog!

Susanna Reid has been forced to cancel her family holiday after he son’s passport has gotten delayed and held up in the massive backlog!

The Good Morning Britain host talked about the delays in passport on the show and told viewers that she had sent the forums off for her son to get his passport.

Reid we due to set off on holiday yesterday but now is looking for a holiday in the UK with sons Sam, Finn and Jack.

Her son’s document is now in the middle of about 350,000 aplication’s being processed by the Home Office.

Lets hope she finds a nice place in the UK to holiday.

Tulisa Does Interviews About The Drug Trial But Interviews Told NOT To Talk About That Attack!

Tulisa Does Interviews About The Drug Trial But Interviews Told NOT To Talk About That Attack!

On Sunday Tulisa Contostavlos spent the day being interviews by many journalists from TV shows like Good Morning Britain,This MorningSky News and plenty more news paper interviews.

The 26-year-old singer was fine to talk about the drugs trail and trying to save her career but when it came to that attack a V festival last year her PR manager told the reporters not to mention he attack.

BBC’s flagship Radio 4 Today show even agreed not to mention the attack!

Reporter Tom Bateman mentioned her conviction for assaulting the blogger Savvas Morgan, and then soon changed the question to her image.

Tom then tweeted:

‘Tulisa’s PR managers tried to ban reporters asking her about her conviction for assault last week.’

Then when Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins, tried to ask about the attack she was clearly turned down because Charlotte said on the show that it couldn’t be talked about for ‘legal reasons’.

 At the end of the day she did do the interview and her and her PR team knew that the attack questions would come up.

Ben Shephard Is “Really Proud” Of Good Morning Britain!

Ben Shephard Is “Really Proud” Of Good Morning Britain!

The reviews for Good Morning Britain have not been the best and same for the ratings.

But now she host Ben Shephard has said that he is ‘very proud’ of the show.

Ben who co-hosts the show with Susanna ReidCharlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher told Digital Spy that:

“We’re loving it. It’s a fantastic team,”

“We’re really proud of what we’re doing. It’s been amazing. I think we’ve got a great camaraderie amongst us and everyone’s really enjoying it. That’s the most important thing.”

The show has only been pulling in around 300,000 views and was also repotted at the start of this week that it may be replaced with children’s Telly.

Good Morning Britain May Be Replaced With Children’s Cartoon’s If It Gets Axed!

Good Morning Britain May Be Replaced With Children’s Cartoon’s If It Gets Axed!

As we told you earlier this morning about Good Morning Britain could be facing the chop after ratings have failed to be success.

Well now it’s been reported that the show may be replaced with children’s cartoons!

A TV insider has told The Sun:

‘No-one is expecting to beat the BBC and no one is expecting to get over a million viewers. But we do want it to get above 15 per cent – or it is toast’

They also said:

Peter Fincham has too much riding on this’ the source added, ‘It will get at least six months. Then it could just go and be replaced by cartoons.’

Peter Fincham being the boss of ITV.

It is a shame because the show really hasn’t had time to shine but maybe it would be better off being replaced with children’s cartoons.

ITV’s New Breakfast Show Good Morning Britain To Face The Chop After Being On Our Screens For 5 WEEKS Due To Low Ratings!

ITV Launch New Breakfast Show Good Morning Britain But It Looks Very Much Like Good Morning America

It’s been reported that ITV’s new breakfast show Good Morning Britain is to face the chop after only 5 weeks of being on our screens due to love viewing figures.

The show started off well because male viewers where turning in just to see show host Susanna Reid but soon received complaints because she was ‘stuck behind a desk’ and the male views couldn’t see her legs LOL.

The show has reportedly failed to reach 15 per cent of the audience and needed to to survive.

The new show took over from former breakfast show Daybreak that also failed to win the ratings.

The show his only receiving around 690,000 viewers, when it’s rival BBC Breakfast is getting around 1.5 million tuning in every morning.

A senior source at ITV admitted that the programme would be unable to continue, unless viewers returned. 

A source has reported:

‘No-one is expecting to beat the BBC and no-one is expecting to get over a million viewers,’

‘But we do want it to get above 15 percent – or it is toast.’

This is not good news at all.

The new show was surpassed to be ITV’s new baby and it clearly isn’t.

Ben Shepherd Says Good Morning Britain Is Not Just About Susanna Reid’s Legs

Good Morning Britain Viewers Take To Twitter To Complain That Susanna Reid Is Stuck Behind A Desk

ITV’s newest breakfast show Good Morning Britain didn’t start off with the best of reviews.

But one thing that the male viewers watch for was to see host Susanna Reid’s legs but now Susanna’s co-host Ben Sheppard has said that it’s not all about her legs.

Talking about the show Ben said:

“I find that extraordinary that people say that. It beggars belief,”  “Susanna is an incredible journalist, who has worked for 20-odd years in this industry yet seemingly her legs are more important.”

Ben then started talking about working with Susanna:

“I have had the pleasure of working with broadcasters and journalists over the years and I have ­realised, in just a short space of time, how brilliant Susanna is.”

He’s completely correct but sadly that’s why most people watch the shoe because you only have to look at Twitter on a daily basis to see that.

Susanna is a very talent journalist and people need to start seeing her for that and not her legs.

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