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FOX Slam Kris Jenner’s Chat Show!

FOX Slam Kris Jenner’s Chat Show!

If you remember back to the summer of last year when Kris Jenner had her own chat show and then FOX canceled it.

Well now the TV company have slammed the show, the host and the interviews on the show.

The Senior VP and President of programming for the FOX Television Stations, Frank Cicha, has said:

“I think she was pretty uninteresting. That was one where [sister company] 20th Television tried to capitalize on a name. When the camera was on she looked not just like a deer in the headlights, but like a deer that already got hit.”

The show wasn’t the best show we have even watched but each to their own.

Kris did get better on the camera as the weeks went on but it clearly didn’t impress the viewers and the producers.

Kim Kardashian To Play An Alien On American Dad!

Kim Kardashian To Play An Alien On American Dad!

Kim Kardashian is set to become an alien on American Dad!

The reality star has been given the part of a voice as an extraterritorial character who crash-lands her spaceship in Langley Falls and will move in with Roger and fall in love.

But Kimmy is not the only celeb to star in the cartoon series as Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde and Alison Brie are all lined up to voice some of the aliens.

Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Get’s Cancelled?!

Kris Jenner's Talk Show Get's Cancelled?!

Kris Jenner‘s talk show Kris has came to an end of it’s 6 week trial and if sources are anything to go by they are not in a rush to bring the show back.

Apparently , FOX has already told Kris that the show will not be coming back as this is what has been said:

“Kris did get a ratings bump for her last show when Kanye West revealed the first baby pic of daughter, North West, with Kim, but that was a one time shot in the arm and it wouldn’t be indicative of what the ratings trend would be.”

BUT Kris has now tweeted saying that the sources are wrong as she has said:

{RT!} Rumors flying are false but glad everyone is still buzzing about our 6 week summer run!!!!

— Kris Jenner Show (@KrisJennerShow) August 28, 2013

So the show has confirmed that it’s not going no wear we have to believe the show.

Jennifer Lopez To Take Over From Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey On American Idol

jennifer lopez up close

The rating for American Idol have been slumping and last year it was the worst it has ever been but now the bosses have drafted in Jennifer Lopez to try to boost them back up.

Jennifer will replace Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj who announced a couple of weeks back that they no longer wanted to do the show.

This si what a source had to say:

“J.LO’s manager, Benny Medina, was in talks with FOX even before Mariah and Nicki announced their departures last week. Benny told FOX that she does indeed want to return. They’re talking. Negotiations are in their infant stages, but they’re underway to get her back to the judges’ table.”

JLO boost the rating on any show she’s on why do you think they had her on Britain’s Got Talent last week??


Nicki Minaj Quits American Idol Just As Its Announced Mariah Carey It Leaving!

Nicki Minaj Quits American Idol Just As Its Announced Mariah Carey It Leaving!

This morning we heard that Mariah Carey has left American Idol and now Nicki Minaj as just quit the show.

The singer/ rapper broke the news on her Twitter page as she said to her fans:

Thank you American Idol for a life changing experience! Wouldn’t trade it for the world! Time to focus on the Music!!! Mmmuuuaahhh!!!

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) May 30, 2013

And now FOX has released the following statement saying:

“Nicki Minaj is a superstar who brought a level of honesty and passion to American Idol and who had a tremendous positive impact on so many contestants this season. Given her extremely busy career, we understand and respect her decision and wish her the best.”

They are going to have to get two really famous people on the panel as the ratings are already really low so we wonder who the bosses have in mind.

All Four American Idol Judges Are Kicked Off The Show!

american idol 2012 judges

It look’s like American Idol staff have decided to make big changes to the judging panel!

Sources have siad that Nicki Minaj,Keith UrbanMariah Carey,  Randy Jackson are all off the show!

We already knew that Randy was leaving as he announced that the other day but we had no clue about the others.

A  Fox insider has said:

“All four are gone. They feel they’ve lost their core audience and they want it back.”

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