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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Go To Two Cinemas In ONE Day On Their Honeymoon!!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Go To Two Cinemas In ONE Day On Their Honeymoon!!

It seems Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a little stuck for things to do on their honeymoon.

Yesterday the new married couple decided to go to two diffrent cinemas in one day!

The pair where stopped going to the Odeon in Portlaoise Wednesday afternoon and then they went to a cinema in Tullamore around 20 miles apart form one and other.

Fellow cinema-goers have said that the first film they saw was X-Men: Days Of Future Past and then the second was Godzilla.

Haven’t they got anything better to do?

Kim Kardashian Adds West To The End Of Her Name On Twitter!

Kim Kardashian Adds West To The End Of Her Name On Twitter!

She only married Kanye West over the weekend and already Kim Kardashian has changed her name on Twitter.

The reality star has her name as Kim Kardashian West on the social networking site which is unusually for celebrities because they normally just keep their old name on Twitter.

It’s not been confirmed if Kimmy has changed her name legally but she clearly has on Twitter.

Rob Kardashian Rushed Out Of Florence Because He Didn’t Want To Be In The Family Photos

Rob Kardashian Rushed Out Of Florence Because He Didn’t Want To Be In The Family Photos

Over the last couple of years Rob Kardashian has put so much weight on after he spit from Rita Ora.

Well not it’s been reported that Rob left Florence early because he didn’t want to be in the family photos because he’s so self-conscious about his weight.

Rob’s family are really supportive but he just didn’t want to be in the photos because of his size.

Rob then rushed to fly back to LA.

We feel sorry for him because he will be the only one not in the photos.


Hundreds Of Screaming Girls Turned Up To Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Wedding Because They Though Justin Bieber Was Going To Attend!

Kim Kardashian And Kayne West Kick Off Their Wedding Weekend With 600 guests, Lana Del Rey Singing, A Lorry Filled With Flowers And Lots Lots More!

Over the last day or so hundreds of gusts have been arriving at the Fort Belvedere in Florence to attend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.

Well this morning hundreds of screaming girls turned up to the venue of the wedding because they got a tip off that Justin Bieber was going to be attending.

The Mailonline has reported that the girls water all day long to get a glimpse of the singer but it hasn’t been confirmed if the singer was invited to the wedding.

Lots of cars with blacked out windows where spotted arriving at the venue and every time a new car pulled up the girls gushed because they thought it was Bieber.

A eyewitness told the Daily Mail:

‘They’ve all been screaming “Justin” and throwing themselves at cars. It’s been  crazy. 

Lot’s of sources have reported that Justin want attending the wedding and we would have thought that too.

But you never know because Kanye did make him famous.

Marilyn Monroe Photos Get Stolen From Exibition!

Marilyn Monroe Photos Get Stolen From Exibition!

Photographs of Marilyn Monroe have been snatched!

Publicist Alice Titzova, has reported that some photos of the iconic actress were stolen late Monday night just days before they go on show to the public at the Marilyn Monroe exhibit at Prague Castle.

The show was going to mark 50 years since the actress passed away and also featured dresses,shoes, photographs and diaries that Marilyn owned.

The exhibition was meant to move to Tokyo following it’s European stint but now we do not know if the show will carry on or weather it will be delayed due to the photos being stolen.

Florence Welch To Take A Break From Music!

English: Florence Welch of Florence + the Mach...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Florence Welch has said that she wants to take some time out from making music so she can have some time to herself!

She decided to have this time off after the release of her new album called Ceremonials.

In a recent interview with Style magazine, Florence said:

“There’s a big ‘take a year off’ plan. The record company have put no pressure on me for the next album. They’ve said I can have as long as I want.”

Florence and The Machine performed at the Reading Festival in England over the weekend and she will also feature on Calvin Harris’ upcoming album, 18 Months!

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