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One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson’s Mother’s Wedding!

One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson’s Mother’s Wedding!

Louis Tomlinson may have been left feeling upset on Thursday after it was announced that hey will not be buying Doncaster Rovers FC.

But now the singer has had a joyful day as his mother, Johannah Poulston was getting married to Daniel Deakin on Sunday afternoon.

The wedding was in Manchester and all the boys attended the wedding apart from Zayn Malik.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan attended the wedding to support Louis and the 1D boys hairdresser Lou Teasdale was also spotted at the venue.

The boys looked very dapper as they where photographed arriving at the wedding.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Charges £250 For A Selfie!!

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Charges £250 For A Selfie!!

Louis Tomlinson may be a little out of pocket at the moment.

As you may know the One Direction star has just purchased Doncaster Rovers and now Louis has said that he will be charing £250 for a selfie as he wants to host the clubs earrings by  £123,500 and aims to make £2million.

But that’s not it because you can also be the mascot for £200, take part in the half-time freekick challenge for £300 and for £12,000 you can book a match day VIP box.

So basically you need to be a millionair.

What do you think would you pay £250 for a selfie??

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson In Talks To Buy Doncaster Rovers

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson In Talks To Buy Doncaster Rovers

It’s been announced today that One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is in talks about buying Doncaster Rovers.

Louis has always spoken about how me he loves the football tam and has played for them many times but will the recent news stories jeopardise his chances?

As you may know over the last few days a video has appeared of Louis and his band mate Zayn Malik smoking drugs and this really could affect his chances.

The Sun has reported:

‘The timing of the Peru video has really upset him because he doesn’t want anything to jeopardise the deal, which is very commercially sensitive and worth a seven-figure sum.’

Whether he will get the team we will have to see.

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