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Hilary Duff To Make More Music As She Signs New Record Deal!

Hilary Duff To Make More Music As She Signs New Record Deal!

Hilary Duff has been off the music scene for sometime now.

But now it’s looking like she’s about to go back into the recording studio because she has just singed a new record deal.

Along with the photo above Hilary said:

“I! Have! A! Record! Deal!”

It’s been since 2007 since Duff released her last album Dignity so some new music will be a welcome surprise.

Hilary Duff Is Making New Music

Hilary Duff

Its been along time since we had new music from Hilary but shes said that after she has had her baby she will be back in the recording studio.

But has also said her main focas at the moment is getting herself redy for motherhood.

She tweeted:

Yeaaaaa baby!just got back from Hawaii with the hubby! Great trip! Exciting week, going to mess around in the studio and work on some music!

And then said in a interview:

After the birth of my child, I think I’m up for whatever comes my way movie wise. For a while I was really focusing on doing independent movies because I could show more range and I was testing new waters, while I was in a big transition phase of my life and career. I would love to do mainstream movies again. Before that, I will be spending a lot of time in the studio making a new record. I really miss being on tour, recording, and creating new music. I think that’s a big dream of mine to do that.

Well we cant waight for some new music she a great singer.

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