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Jennifer Lopez Says She Hasn’t Has Any Plastic Surgery EVER!!

Jennifer Lopez Says She Hasn’t Has Any Plastic Surgery EVER!!

Most people would say Jennifer Lopez has had a little bit of plastic surgery done but according her her she hasn’t!

A London-based plastic surgeon caused some rumours as he claimed she’s had some work done and Jennifer saw the tweet that the surgeon tweeted and replied:

“These before and after pics of @JLo show many signs of #plasticsurgery – naturally pretty but now looks amazing”

Jennifer repled and said:

@DrAyoubi Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact

— Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) November 4, 2013

Hundreds of JLO fans then bomb barded the plastic surgeon with hate messages and then he tweeted again:


Dear @JLo I wonder if you can accept my sincere apologies about the wrong tweet which was written by my assistant without my knowledge….

— Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi (@DrAyoubi) November 5, 2013

Joe Manganiello Denies Dating Demi Moore!

Joe Manganiello

 Joe Manganiello has confirmed hes not dating the lovely Demi Moore!

Apparently there was speculation over their supposed love affair when word got around town of a stripper chit-chat.

But as it turns out… well, actually, we’ll let him tell you. Joe explains:

“There is 100 per cent zero truth to that. She’s lovely woman. She was in Striptease and I was like, ‘Hey, you played a stripper, I play a stripper…’ and we had a three-minute conversation about exchanging stripping notes.”

Ok at least we know now!

Nick Jonas Denies He Dating Megan Hilty!!

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last month Nick Jonas and Megan Hilty where spotted going for some dinner after they where on Smash together.

But then there was rumors that the pair where dating but now Nick has tried to cover things up.

He said that he finds the rumors interesting:

“We are just friends. And I’m enjoying being a single man here in New York, because my work is my priority these days.”

The do look very cute together so could this be a hock up one day?

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