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Wayne Rooney’s ‘Lover’ Helen Wood To Enter Big Brother?

Wayne Rooney's ‘Lover' Helen Wood To Enter Big Brother?

Today lot’s of speculation is flying around the internet about who’s going to be entering the Big Brother house tonight.

Now it’s been reported that Wayne Rooney‘s ‘lover’ Helen Wood is to enter tonight to spill more dirt on her affair with the footballer.

Helen made lots of headlines in 2010 when the news broke about her allege relationship with Wayne.

A source has reported that Helen was meant to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house but then they decided to downgrade her to put her in the non-celebrity house.

The Daily Star has reported:

“We understand Helen was supposed to go on Celebrity Big Brother back in January but for some reason she was dropped,

“The fact that she has landed a place on the regular Big Brother right at the same time Wayne will be playing for England in the World Cup is more than just a coincidence.

“She has deliberately gone on Big Brother to spill more dirty secrets about Wayne, which could distract him from focusing on the big game next week.”

Remember nothing has been confirmed it’s all speculation at the moment but to find out you’ll have to tune in tonight to see.


Helen Wood entered the Big Brother house last night so the reports where correct.

Danniella Westbrook Denies Pawning Her £10,000 Wedding Ring!

Danniella Westbrook Denies Pawning Her £10,000 Wedding Ring! YELLO

Danniella Westbrook has denied pawning her £10,000 wedding band.

It was reported in the Daily Star on Sunday that she pawned the ring and only received £500 for the allege £10,000 ring who she received from her second husband, Kevin Jenkins.

It was only a few weeks ago that Danniella was spotted with her new boyfriend Tom Richards looking for another wedding ring as she got engaged to him.

A spokesperson has told the Mailonline:

‘the story is not accurate at all.’

Recently Westbrook has admitted that she hasn’t got a ‘penny to her name’ so really she needs all the money she can get.

Police Investigating ‘Suspicious Items’ Including A Knife After They Where Found In A Hire Car That Was Used By Danniella Westbrook

Police Investigating ‘Suspicious Items’ Including A Knife After They Where Found In A Hire Car That Was Used By Danniella Westbrook

A police investigation is underway after ‘suspicious items’ where found in a hire car after it was used by former Eastender’s actress Danniella Westbrook.

The Daily Star has reported that a number of items including a knife where found in the Peugeot 208 what Danniella allegedly hired from a garage in Chatham, Kent.

The former drug addict haired the car to help move all of her belongings to her new house.

When the staff at the garage checked the car they found the suspicious items and now new reports are saying that the police are investigating what has gone on.

Westbrook’s agent spoke to the MailOnline and said that she had a Stanley knife which was being used to cut open boxes during the move.

Harry Styles Uses Bird Poo Facial

Harry Styles Uses Bird Poo Facial
According to a new report One Direction singer Harry Styles uses a bird poo facial to get cleaner skin.
The “Geisha facial,” has been rumoured to be used by Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise and was tested out by Birds Of A Feather star Linda Robson on Loose Women a few weeks back.
The Daily Star has reported that Harry is ousting the facial to take toll on his skin and to make it looks the best it possibly can be.

The bird poo is mixed with rice bran and water and soaks into the pores for an hour with the enzymes breaking down dead skin.

What do you think will you be giving the bird poo facial ago?

Mark Wright Becomes A Drag Queen In His New Reality Show Party Wright Around The World

Mark Wright Becomes A Drag Queen In His New Reality Show Party Wright Around The World

He’s might be famous for his looks but him dressed up as a drag queen is slightly unflattering.

In a new ITV2 series Mark Wright is going around the world seeing how different countries party and during the corse of the series we will see Mark Dress up as a drag queen, strip down to his underwear and party lots.

Dressed in a red wig and a big sparkly red dress with lots of makeup on park proved that he can add drag queen to the list of his talents.

Mark’s new series is called Party Wright Around The World and viewers will get a glimpse into the party life of people around the world.

Talking about becoming a drag queen in the show he told the Daily Star:

‘I tried to get out of it. I spoke to the producer and someone at ITV. But they all wanted me to do it.

‘So I said I wanted to speak to Michelle. I honestly thought she would tell me not to do it but she just laughed!

‘I’m glad I did it. I had the biggest hair, the biggest lips. I looked like Lily Savage.’

What do you think of Mark as a drag queen?

Future career??

TOWIE Star James ‘Arg’ Argent Gets Slammed For Saying He Cheated On Lydia Bright With Amy Childs

TOWIE Star James 'Arg' Argent Gets Slammed For Saying He Cheated On Lydia Bright With Amy Childs

Their relationship was a joke in The Only Way Is Essex but now James Argent has been slammed for repadly cheating on Lydia Bright with Amy Childs.

James has said that he cheated on Lydia in the toilets with Amy at an ITV Christmas party!

A source has said:

‘He’s definitely making it out to be more than it was.’

‘It was three years ago, and he definitely wasn’t with Lydia at the time,’

Talking while he was promoting the new series of the reality show James who is also know as Arge said:

‘I’ve never revealed this before but I actually cheated on Lydia with Amy Childs’ James told The Daily Star. ‘It was in the toilets at an ITV party. Sam Faiers walked in on us,’

‘It happened when I was with Lydia. I didn’t sleep with Amy but we kissed and I got caught.’

We like the way it’s all came out now when it happened in 2011 or 2012.

Why hasn’t he told the story before??

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