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Lady Gaga Goes Naked And Makeup-Free In New Selfie As She Lays In Bed

Lady Gaga Goes Naked And Makeup-Free In New Selfie As She Lays In Bed

Lady Gaga is famous for her wacky makeup and stylish look but in a recent snap there was no makeup at all.

In a new selfie the singer has posed makeup free as she lay in her bed naked and posed for the camera.

Sharing the photo on her Instagram account Gaga said along with the photo:

 ‘Day off sleepy girl.’

We have to say for someone who’s just work up she looks really good.

The Loose Women Go Makeup Free Live On Air!


The Loose Women ladies always look glamour-us as they cheer up our lunchtimes.

But today the girls decided to ditch the makeup live on air as they whipped it off with wet wipes.

Myleene Klass, Andrea McLean, Linda Robson and Clair Richards all ditched the makeup as they interviewed the girl who invented the Cancer selfies 18-year-old Fiona Cunningham.

Grabbing her phone Andrea said:

‘This is us raw, make-up free! We don’t normally allow phones in the studio for obvious reasons, it interferes with the microphones but today we’ve made a special allowance just for you Fiona and your campaign.’

It’s good to see the Loose Women getting into the spirit of the selfies.

They are very brave.

Have a look at their selfies.




Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Makeup Skills On Instagram

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Makeup Skills On Instagram

Kim Kardashian is famous for here looks.

But now the reality star has asked her Instagram followers on how they feel about her new makeup.

Along with the photo Kimmy said:

Another glam day with @joycebonelli ….how do I look? LOL’

Kim’s makeup is always perfect this this is a rare treat to see her like this.

Not the best look she ever pulled off.

She looks like something from Avatar.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Makeup Skills On Instagram 2

Michelle Keegan Goes Makeup Free For Cancer Awareness!

Michelle Keegan Goes Makeup Free For Cancer Awareness!

She’s know for her good looks but now Michelle Keegan has ditched the make for to raise money for Cancer.

The actress posed behind her bed sheets showing off her face in a new selfie makeup free.

Along with the photo Michelle said:

‘#nomakeupselfie #breastcancerawareness support text BEAT 70007 It’s so easy! Do your bit. X’

Over the last week or so so many celebs have been taking part in the no makeup selfies.

It’s really nice to see.

Jessie J Shares Her Beauty Secrets And it Only Cots £3.50!

Jessie J Shares Her Beauty Secrets And it Only Cots £3.50!

With he amount on money Jessie J must have you would have though that she would have the most expensive beauty regime but that’s not the case.

The singer has shared her beauty regime and it only cots £3.50.

In a recent Instagram photo Jessie showed off her at-home facial treatment, Oilatum Cream, which only cots just over £3.

Along with the photo she said:

‘No make-up. No filter. Just good Oilatum cream sinking into my face. NYC dried my skin out and I find this keeps my skin moisturised but not oily,’

‘Hair mask on, pedicure, exfoliated my skin then put coconut oil on my body. Feels good to be home.’

Jessie has been working in New York for the last week or so and it seems like it’s taking it’s tole on her skin.

Good to know that she’s not spending thousands of pounds on beauty products!

Rihanna Tucks Into A Lipstick Cake To Celebrate Her MAC Lipstick Selling Out In THREE HOURS!!

Rihanna Tucks Into A Lipstick Cake To Celebrate Her MAC Lipstick Selling Out In THREE HOURS!!

Rihanna‘s documentary may not have been a success but her Lipstick is as it sold out within three hours!!

To celebrate MAC gave the singer a big lipstick cake and in true Rihanna style she Instagramed all the photo’s.

The singer posted a series of photos of her with the cake and with one of them she said:

 ‘On the road to destruction #cake.’

Have a look at the photos below:

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