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Jack P Shepard Copies Michelle Keegan’s Abs Selfie

Jack P Shepard Copies Michelle Keegan’s Abs Selfie
Jack P Shepherd has proved himself as the ultimate joker as he copied Michelle Keegan’s abs selfie.

Jack posed in the mirror just like Michelle did.

Michelle shared the photo Saturday evening and then Jack copied the photo yesterday.

Along with the photo Jack said:

‘Monday. Chillin out in da gents. @michkeegan’

Haha Jack loves a good joke.

Michelle Keegan Shows Off Her Abs In New Instagram Snap

Michelle Keegan Shows Off Her Abs In New Instagram Snap
Michelle Keegan has sent her Instagram followers crazy as she shared a photo of her rock hard abs as she posed in the mirror of her hotel bathroom.

The former Coronation Street actress shared the photo Saturday evening as she wore a tiny crop top while she’s away in Scotland for work.

Keegan showed off her very tiny waist in the snap with her wavy hair up.

Along with the photo she said:

‘Saturday night chill night!’

Some of her followers have said that she is far too think and we have to say we agree.

Kym Marsh And Boyfriend Dan Hooper Have No Plans On Moving In With Eachother After Just Three Months Of Dating!

Kym Marsh And Boyfriend Dan Hooper Have No Plans On Moving In With Eachother After Just Three Months Of Dating!

Reports have been flying around saying that Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh and her boyfriend of three months Dan Hooper are about to move in together.

Well now it’s been reported that them reports are fake and they are not going to be moveing that quickly.

A source has told the MailOnline:

‘Kym and Dan have no plans to move in together’.

This comes after a source told The Sun:

‘Dan spends about three days a week at Kym’s. They’ve talked about moving in together for good.’

The pair made their relationship public April of this year and have rearly been apart ever since.

Two Teen Coronation Street Fans Save £2,000 To Book Brooke Vincent As A Birthday Treat

Two Teen Coronation Street Fans Save £2,000 To Book Brooke Vincent As A Birthday Treat

Two teenagers have managed to save up £2,000 to book Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent for a meal with them.

Ruth Challis and Rosy Cooper booked the actress for what Brook thought was a ‘large function’ but whens he turned up to the venue she saw that it was a Nando’s chicken rester ant!

Miss Vincent then got a shock when she turned up and just saw the two girls waiting for her and she had such good time Brook refunded the £2,000 and split the bill between all three of them.

Later on in the evening Brook tweeted:

‘Had the pleasure of meeting these two beautiful young ladies today. Thank you for a lovely day. Happy birthday.’

A source has now reported:

‘She didn’t realise it was two girls who had saved up for six months until she arrived, so she did the right thing straight away and refunded the fee to them.’

Then a friend of the two girls told sources:

‘They think Brooke is a great actor and they really wanted to meet her.

‘They worked out they worked 800 hours between them to save the money.’

It’s so nice that she split the bill and have the money back.

What Celebs would do that these days?

Niall Horan And Brooke Vincent Sending Flirty Text Between Each Other?

Niall Horan And Brooke Vincent Sending Flirty Text Between Each Other?
Are Niall Horan and Brooke Vincent getting friendly?

New sources have said that Niall and Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent have been sending flirty text messages to one and other since they meet at a One Direction Concert last month.

The pair have been reported to have been sending lots of ‘flirty text messages’ and apparently are getting very friendly.

A report has told The Mirror:

“He’s been pretty open about how hot he thinks she is, and he’s told her he’d really like to take her out when they have a chance.”

“He has a few weeks off this month before the American leg of the tour – so he’s hopeful they might work it out.”

Niall has confirmed in the past that he likes Brooke as he once tweeted:

“I like Brooke Vincent and Demi Lovato.”

In recent months Niall has been liked to Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin so Brooke has some stiff competition.

Coronation Street To Air Their Most Controversial Storyline To Date As 12-Year-Old Faye Windass Finds Out She’s PREGNANT!!

Faye Windass.jpg

Over the years Coronation Street have had their fair share of shock story lines.

Well now they have pulled the biggest shock out of the bag as they are about planning a new storyline about school girl Faye Windass who’s about to fond out she pregnant at the age of 12.

The soap that aires on ITV are reportedly currently writing the storyline and it will air later this year,

Faye is played by Ellie Leach and will follow the same similar storyline from years ago when Sarah-Louise Platt, played by Tina O’Brien, found out she was pregnant at the age of 13 back in 2000.

As you can imagen with this sort of sensitive storyline the expers get involved and now Family Education Trust’s Norman Wells, has said:

‘One of the problems of giving prominence in a soap to life experiences that are extremely rare is that it can distort people’s perception of reality and give the impression that such experiences are far more common than they really are.

‘In spite of the fact that teenage pregnancy rates in the UK are high compared with many other parts of Western Europe, they are still thankfully rare – and pregnancies in 12 year-old girls are much, much rarer still.

‘Scriptwriters and production companies need to take great care that in their desperation to attract high viewer ratings they do not normalise behaviour that is both illegal and damaging to impressionable children.’

We have to say we are looking forward to seeing the storyline (and the backlash from the press).

Anything in Coronation Street is good to us one of the best soaps.

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