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Chelsea Handler Gives Up Her Chat Show!!

Chelsea Handler Gives Up Her Chat Show!!

Chelsea Handler is one of the biggest chat show hosts in America burn now sadly that’s all about to come to a end because Chelsea has announced that she is ending the show.

The show called Chelsea Lately has ran for lots of years now and will run her last show in August.

The reason behind Handler ending her show is because she’s fed up with celebs.

Talking to the Mailonline:

To be quite honest I don’t really care about Justin Bieber and I don’t want to talk about him anymore. In order to make that happen I had to just stop doing my show. Straight away.’

Over the years Chelsea has had the worlds biggest and has had starts like the Kardashian sisters stand in for her when she’s been unwell or on holiday.

The show will be missed.

Has Khloe Kardashian Had Her Lips Made Bigger??

Has Khloe Kardashian Had Her Lips Made Bigger??

Khloe Kardashian has sparked rumours that she’s had her lips made bigger after posting a photo on Instagram of her with bigger lips than normal!

The reality star said along with the photo:

‘Love my sun kissed tan!’

Khloe said in a interview last year that she hasn’t had plastic surgary but she said that she would see how things go about having it in the future.

Khloe’s lips clearly look bigger!

Whether she’s just doing a pout or she’s had them injected we don’t know.

What do you think bigger or not?

Lindsay Lohan Posts First Selfie Since Leaving Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan Posts First Selfie Since Leaving Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan is back!!

She been away for little over 3 months as she was ordered to spend time in rehab but now she’s back and filming for another film.

Lindsay’s latest film that she will star in is called Eastbound and Down what is an adult version of Kenny Power’s illegitimate daughter for the HBO series’ finale and she’s on the North Carolina set.

Lohan posted a photo (above) of her with all her make up and hair done nice for the filming of the movie and she looks so much better since she stopped taking Adderall and her stay in rehab.

Along with the photo above she posted “so grateful” and she really does seem grateful to still have acting jobs even tho she has been in so much trouble with the law over the last few years.

And now she’s not just got the film job as a little birdie has said she might get her own spin-0ff show.

It’s so exciting for Lindsay we just hope she stays off the drink and partying.

Lindsay Lohan Shows Photo From When She Was A Little Todler

Lindsay Lohan Shows Photo From When She Was A Little Todler

Lindsay Lohan has showed off a photo from when she was a little girl sitting on her granddads lap.

Lindsay said along with the photo:

.@dinalohan@mikelohan#family I love you mommy! I love this photo of me & Mikey with poppop Sullivan**angels pic.twitter.com/9XSTmtmMmz

We hope that Lindsay has changed her ways as she has spent the last three months in rehab and also with Oprah Winfrey giving her some words of wisdom she might start keeping out of trouble.

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Are NOT Happy With Kim Kardashian’s Comments About Her Transformation

kim kardashian and amanda bynes fight lukewilliamsgossip.wordpress.com

Last Week Kim and the other Kardashian sisters where hosting the Chelsea Lately show when they decided to talk about Amanda Byne‘s new transformation and Amanda seemed happy with what the sisters where saying but some perople where not!

This is what Kimmy said:

“Am I the only one that is obsessed with her new makeover? I think she looks amazing. With the blonde hair and those nails?”

Although the comments where nice Amanda’s parents where not liking it and sources close to the parents of the troubled star have said that they are very worried about their daughter even tho she no longer talk’s top them.

The parents have said that they do not think that her unusually behaviour is anything to laugh about:

“Amanda’s parents hope that people, including Kim, would show empathy towards their daughter at this time. Even if Kim was joking about Amanda’s appearance, it really isn’t funny. Amanda is in trouble and she doesn’t need to be a punchline in a joke.”

But Amanda dint see no harm in what Kim said she tweeted:

“I love the beautiful Kardashian sisters!”

Amanda Bynes Say’s She Loves The Kardashian’s After They Talked Nice About her On TV

amanda bynes and the kardashians sisters

On Monday the Kardashian sisters took over  Chelsea Lately, and during the show they talked about Amanda Bynes‘ recent transformation what Kim said she loved and they also talked about her odd behavior over the last few weeks.

Amanda was clearly watching the show as she loved what the Kardashian sister where saying as this is what she tweeted:

I love the beautiful Kardashian sisters! I wish E picked better photographs of me! I feel pregnant when I’m fat! I’m working out constantly!

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