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Mum Dresses Her Four-Year-Old Daughter In A HOOTERS Outfit!

Blinging Up Babies

A British mother has decided to dress her four-year-old daughter in a Hooters outfit!

A program aired on Channel 5 last week called Blinging Up Baby  and followed three Mums who dress their children just like barb dolls and make them look much older that they are meant too.

Liane, 33, from Portsmouth, created the Hooters outfit herslef for Scarlett who’s only four!

If your unclear what Hooters is it’s a controversial chain of restaurants that young girls serves the diners in tight white tops and orange shorts.

Liane even taught her daughter to perform the Hooters dance which included the splits and pelvic thrusts.

Scarlett wore the outfit at a beauty pageant and shocked the judges and fellow mothers as one of them said:

‘Who the hell puts their child in a Hooters outfit and teaches them pelvic thrusting moves? How disgusting!’

We have to say we agree with that.

Not the best of outfits to wear when your four years of age.

Is Big Brother Going To Move Channels From Channel 5 To ITV?

Is Big Brother Going To Move Channels From Channel 5 To ITV?

According to new reports ITV are trying to buy the rights to air Big Brother on their channel from Channel 5.

At the moment the 15th series is airing but the two year contact will air after this series and it’s been said that ITV want to purchase it.

It’s been said that ITV want the show to air on their upcoming channel ITVBe.

If ITV do buy the show it will cost them a whopping £20m a year according to reports.

Big Brother UK Air Date Released! See It HERE!

Big Brother UK Air Date Released! See It HERE!

It’s unbelievable it’s nearly been a year since Sam Evens won Big Brother last year but it seems the new series is just around the corner.

Today Channel 5 have announced that the new series will start on June 5TH!

Breaking the news on their Facebook page Channel 5 said:

We finally have a launch date…

Join Emma Willis for the live launch of Big Brother: Power Trip on Thursday 5th June at 9pm on Channel 5. That’s just 15 days away!

Like they said the new series is looking very exciting and is going to be called Big Brother: Power Trip and there will be lots of treats and surprises during the months it’s on our TV screens.

We can’t wait!

Katie Price’s Cheating Ex Kieran Hayler Set For Celebrity Big Brother?

Katie Price’s Cheating Ex Kieran Hayler Set For Celebrity Big Brother?

It’s been reported that Channel 5 have asked Katie Price’s ex husband Kieran Hayler to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house in September.

It’s been said that Channel 5 bosses saw how good Katie’s previous husband Alex Reid did in the CBB house back in 2010 and are desperate to sing Kieran on the show.

Other celebs to be rumoured to be entering the house this year are Eurovision winner Conchita WurstRonan Keating, and White Dee from Benefit Street.

We can see their point because Alex did win but he never cheated on Katie while she’s six months pregnant with his baby did he?

At the moment Kieran is not the most liked person in the world so we think he would be a fool to enter the house this year.

Anyways he’s not really a celebrity but theses day most of them aren’t.


Channel 5 Bosses Want Benefit Street’s White Dee On Celebrity Big Brother

Channel 5 Bosses Want Benefit Street’s White Dee On Celebrity Big Brother

She’s found fame on the controversial TV show Benefit Street but now White Dee could be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house this summer.

Sources have said that Channel 5 bosses want to get White Dee who he real name is Deirdre Kelly in the house and is said to rake in a fee of £60k if she says yes.

The mother of two is currently on benefit’s because she suffers from depression.

A source has reported:

‘Channel 5 bosses were desperate to sign up Dee – they think she’ll be brilliant.

‘The move is definitely a controversial one because anyone who is claiming benefits can only do so legally if they are not working – Dee will be earning money in one of the most public ways possible so unless she stops collecting her benefits her actions will interest the authorities.’

Nothing has been confirmed yet about Dee entering the house but you never know.

Katie Hopkins Gets ‘Dropped’ From This Morning After Petition Gets Signed By Thousands

Katie Hopkins Gets ‘Dropped’ From This Morning After Petition Gets Signed By Thousands

Big mouth and former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins has been dropped from her regular appearance on ITV’s This Morning after a petition was set up to man her from the show got thousands and thousands of signatures!

Katie mad a joke on Twitter about the helicopter crash killed nine people in a Glasgow on Twitter making people complain to the show to have her banded.

On Saturday Hopkins tweeted:

‘Life expectancy in Scotland based 07/08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement.’

The petition has now been singed by 85,000 and it read:

‘On the 30th of November 2013, Scotland was still in shock and trying to come to terms with a horrible crash that took the lives of innocent people. Within 24 hours of this happening Katie Hopkins posted vile remarks on Twitter about how long the people of Scotland live for.

‘We the undersigned are sick and tired of ITV and Channel 5 giving her airtime and want her banned from all TV shows on your channels.’

ITV has said the following:

‘We have no plans for Katie Hopkins to appear on This Morning at this present time.’

Finally ITV have seen that no one wants her on the show with her stupid thoughts.

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