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Rita Ora Celebrates Her Single Hitting The No.1Spot By Showing Her Sideboob Off

Rita Ora Celebrates Her Single Hitting The No.1Spot By Showing Her Sideboob Off

Over the last few weeks Rita Ora has been promoting her new single I Will Never Let You Down.

Well it seems all that promoting has payed off because the single has shot to number one in the UK.

To celebrate the news Rita decided to pain a bit number 1 on her back using red lipstick and pose showing off her side book with the number on her back.

Wearing Calvin Klein pants Ora said along with the photo:

‘#iwillneverletyoudown it’s because of you!! BOTS!!! Thank you #uvealwaysgotmybackLOL’

It is a good song but posing like this is a little over the top don’t you think?

Are Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner About To Model Together For Calvin Klein?

Are Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner About To Model Together For Calvin Klein?

It seems like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner are about to get cosy on a photo shoot for Calvin Klein.

It’s been reported that the pair are in New York and about to take part in the photo shoot together and if it’s just like any other CK shoots that means they will both most likely be in their underwear.

Justin has posted a photo on his Instagram account before asking to model for Calvin Klein so we wonder if this will happen??

Calvin and Klein where approached and asked if this was true and they said:

“As a policy, we don’t comment on rumors.”

Humm what do you think? Will they be getting pally in a photo shoot or is this all just rumours?

Justin Bieber Beggs Calvin Klein To Let Him Model Their Underwear!


Justin Bieber loves to pose with his top off for Instagram snaps.

But now Bieber has hinted on the photo sharing site that he would like to model for Calvin Klein!

The singer shared the photo above with the caption of:

What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or no”

We have no clue if he will model for Calvin Klein in the future but is he having words about making his dream a reality??

What do you think could he be a underwear model??


Calvin Klein Are Not Happy That Nick Jonas Wasn’t Wearing Their Underwear In Recent Topless Photo!

Calvin Klein Are Not Happy That Nick Jonas Wasn't Wearing Their Underwear In Recent Topless Photo!

At the start of last week Nick Jonas posted a topless photo on Instagram and got everyone talking but now Calvin Klein have asked why wasn’t he wearing their underwear.

Nick called into KIIS FM to talk about his upcoming projects, and that’s when he talked about what the underwear makers have been saying.

Nick explained:

“What’s hilarious is that we have a great relationship with Calvin Klein and their suits for events and things in the past. And I love their suits, and our guy wrote me and was like, ‘next time you post pics like that make sure you’re wearing Calvin Klein underwear.'”

The next thing they will be asking him to model for them.

Win One Direction’s Niall Horan’s Underpants!!

Win One Direction's Niall Horan's Underpants!!

One Direction‘s Niall Horan has signed a pair of his Calvin Klein boxer shorts  for UK’s Now! Magazine…

And the good thing is is that they are complacently free so you will not have to put a penny towards the prize.

One fan will win the price of Niall’s underwear if you win the competition. As you know One Direction are the biggest boy band on the planet so  we can see thousands of girls entering this competition for the chance of winning the prise.

Pink Says F*ck You To Anyone She Wants!

Pink Says Fck You To Anyone She Wants!

In a recent interview  Pink has said that her former manager and current X Factor judge L.A. Reid advised the young punk-poper to set aside money whenever possible into a special ‘f*ck you’ account!

She said:

“When I first started, L.A. Reid said, ‘Make sure you put money into your F- - - You account. That’s the account that, one day when people ask you to do things you don’t want to do, you say “F- - - you.” ’ I make sure that my F- - - You account is okay, so that you never have to make decisions based on money. I feel like that’s where people kill their careers… I’m never the kind of person who’s sitting at home reading the charts and basing how I feel about myself or even my career on stats. I’ve always based it on, Am I doing the best that I can do? And how’s my F- - - You account?”

We love pink so much and its not long until her new album comes out called The Truth About Love, which unleashes over America Sept. 18th!

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