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Claudia Winkleman Gets Confirmed To Take Over From Sir Bruce Forsyth As Strictly Come Dancing Co-host Alongside Tess Daly

Claudia Winkleman Gets Confirmed To Take Over From Sir Bruce Forsyth As Strictly Come Dancing Co-host Alongside Tess Daly

Since the news broke that Sir Bruce Forsyth was backing down from pressing BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing it’s been rumoured that Claudia Winkleman will guess present the show alongside Tess Daly.

Well now ti’s been confirmed that she will be the new host.

Talking about Claudia getting the job Tess said:

‘I’m so pleased that I’ll be working with Claudia – she’s long been part of the Strictly family and I’ve loved doing the Sunday show with her.

‘It’s really exciting having two women host the show, and we are great mates so there’ll be lots of fun to be had on and off the dance floor. And of course I’ll look forward to being reunited with Brucie for the Children In Need and Christmas shows.’

Winkleman then added:

‘I have loved Strictly since the second it appeared on our screens and I am honoured and thrilled to now be part of the Saturday night team.

‘Working alongside Tess is always fantastic and I can’t wait to spend the weekends with her, our amazing dancers and the greatest judging panel on the planet. Sir Bruce is a living legend and we’ll all miss him very much.’


Charlotte Moore, Controller, BBC said:

‘Tess and Claudia are a fantastic duo and natural successors to Strictly’s presenting line-up now that Sir Bruce has decided to step down.

‘Their commitment and passion for the show make them the perfect pairing to take Strictly into a new era.’ Show bosses are currently in talks to finalise the line-up for the professional dancers.

Some would say this was the wrong decision to have picked Claudia but we will have to see how she does before we judge.

Claudia Winkleman To Take Over From Sir Bruce Forsyth On Strictly Come Dancing Alongside Tess Daly

Claudia Winkleman To Take Over From Sir Bruce Forsyth On Strictly Come Dancing Alongside Tess Daly

Last week it was announced that Sir Bruce Forsyth will be giving up his dancing shoes and to stop hosting Strictly Come Dancing!

It’s been reported that Claudia Winkleman is ‘first choice’ to replace Sir Bruce along side Tess Daly.

A insider has told The Sun:

‘They are certainly the first choices. Detailed discussions will start shortly and it is hoped everything can be sorted out.’

Claudia has been standing in for Bruce on the Sunday nights results show so she clearly impressed the producers.

Sir Bruce Forsyth Quits Strictly Come Dancing!

Sir Bruce Forsyth Quits Strictly Come Dancing!

He’s been on our screens for years and years now but Sir Bruce Forsyth has decided to retire from hosting Strictly Come Dancing!

Brucie has said that he feels it’s the right time to end his 10 years on the show but he will return for pre-recorded Strictly shows for Christmas and Children In Need.

Bruce said today:

‘After 10 wonderful years and 11 series, I believe it is now the right time to step down from the rigours of presenting the Strictly live shows.

‘I am very proud of what the show has achieved and confident it will entertain the nation for many years to come. I am also delighted that by presenting the Christmas and Children In Need shows I will continue to have a strong association with Strictly.

‘In addition, I am looking forward to the specials planned with the BBC as well as some live theatre shows, so before anyone asks, I am not retiring quite yet.’

Brucie loves to go on holiday so we bet he will be away all the time now with his wife.

Kris Jenner Denies Bruce Jenner Leaving The Reality Show!

Kris Jenner Denies Bruce Jenner Leaving The Reality Show!

Yesterday we told that that reports had said that Bruce Jenner wanted to leave the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians to ‘focus on his family’ but now his former wife Kris Jenner has denied the rumours.

Putting the records straight she said:

“We film together every day…Bruce had a speech on [the] east coast so he was gone for 24 hours…We start filming season ten in January, including Bruce.”

The show is currently being filmed and has just been confirmed for another series.

To be completely honest we think the show has gone on too long now and you can tell other people agree because the ratings are not doing good.

You would have though Bruce wouldn’t have wanted to have stared on the show with all the drama that he has gone though the last few months but clearly not.

Kris Jenner Laughs Off Rumours That Her Estranged Husband Bruce Jenner Is Having A Sex Change!

Kris Jenner Laughs Off Rumours That Her Estranged Husband Bruce Jenner Is Having A Sex Change!

For weeks rumours have been flying around saying that Bruce Jenner is starting the process of a sex change but now Kris Jenner has laughter off the rumours.

In a interview with Entertainment Tonight Kris said:

‘Ninety-nine percent of the stuff in the tabloids is made up.

‘I think when he gets his nails buffed they put clear nail polish on him. The bottom line is, we [the Kardashians] sell magazines.’

The trouble is while all the rumours have been flying around Bruce has been acting more and more feminine as he was spotted with longer hair and up in a ponytail, nails done and he was spotted leaving the hospital after having his adams apple flattened.

If he doesn’t want to be a woman why was he worrying about his adams apple??

Bruce Jenner Has Laser Hair Removal On His Face!

bruce jenner

Last week it was announced that Bruce Jenner had booked a surgeon to have his adams apple removed in the new year and this was linked to a sex change that he was rumoured to have started the process to become a woman.

But now Bruce has been reported to have had laster hair removal on his face another sign of a sex change.

A family insider has told In Touch Weekly:

‘He doesn’t even want facial hair,

‘He’s become obsessive about having a “perfect” appearance.’

Also the olympic star is also said to be getting hair extensions ‘because his hair is thinning.’

Another source has said:

‘Bruce has been obsessed with beautifying himself for years,’

‘It’s a by-product of being surrounded by vain women — he likes to be pretty.’

‘Maybe Bruce is finally doing what he wants to do,’ . ‘He’s been through a lot. As long as people are kind, let them be what they want. I say go for it!’

Bruce is looking more and more feminine ever time he is spotted out so could he be starting the process of becoming a woman?

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