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Girl Spends £18K On Looking Like Kim Kardashian

Girl Spends £18K On Looking Like Kim Kardashian

A british girl called Claire Leeson, has spent £18,00 on having surgary and plenty of other thing to look like Kim Kardashian.

Claire was bullied over the her looks when she was a teenager and looked up to Kimmy and how beautiful she is and saw her as a role model.

One of Claires school friends asked her if she had been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians  and after that she decided to give i a watch and completely became gripped to the family.

Talking during a interview Leeson said:

“When I get my Kimmy on I feel like I’m unstoppable and untouchable and I feel like no one can stop me and I can make something of myself. I feel strong… and I feel that I have built enough confidence to love myself a little bit more.”

Claire has had:

Boob job: £5,000
Teeth whitening: £2,500
Hair extensions: £4,500
Make-up: £1,000
Spray tans: £1,000
Nails: £500
Bum padding: £350
Shoes and clothes: £3,150

Trouble is then at the end of the interview she admitted that she is in £6,000 debt and has bailiffs after her!

She really needs to pay her debt’s before she ‘gets her Kimmy on’.

Cheryl Cole Send A Massive F-Bomb Message To Simon Cowell When He Sacked Her From The US X Factor

Cheryl Cole Send A Massive F-Bomb Message To Simon Cowell When He Sacked Her From The US X Factor
If you remember back to a few years ago when Simon Cowell asked Cheryl Cole to be a judge on the US version of X Factor and then sacked her within a few days and replaced her with Nicole Scherzinger!

Well now Cheryl has talked about the text message that she sent Simon after she found out that he has gave her the boot.

The message said:

“F*ck you, F*ck Fox, F*ck the orange and purple outfit. F*ck the big hair. F*ck the UK X Factor. F*ck you all. I hate you.”

WOW she seems happy doesn’t she?

Talk about dropping a F-bomb.

We know they Cheryl was fuming but we didn’t know that she was that mad.

It’s understanable because it did look bait embarasing.

Simon Cowell Speaks For The First Time Since The One Direction Drug Video Was Published!

Simon Cowell Speaks For The First Time Since The One Direction Drug Video Was Published!

Since the video was released online of One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking drugs Simon Cowell has kept hush hush until now.

The music motel has spoken about how he feels about the boys doing drugs but it seems he’s willing to forget and support them.

Simon admitted:

“What I can say is that they’re the hardest-working boys I’ve ever worked with. They still haven’t changed. They’re really respectful of their fans. They’re a great British export [and] they’ve been a joy to work with. I’ve worked with a lot of artists in the past who do lose the plot, who do lose respect for their fans, they’ve never done that.”

They must be so relieved that they have Simon on their side because at the end of the day he’s the boss and what he says goes with these boys.

David Cameron Wont let His Children Watch Miley Cyrus!

David Cameron Wont let His Children Watch Miley Cyrus!

To most parents Miley Cyrus is not the girl who they want their kids looking up to and that also goes for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Talking in a recent interview David said that he has a list of strict rules of things that his three children have to abide by and watching Miley Cyrus is deftly off the menu.

With His children, Nancy being nine, Elwen at seven, and Florence at three, they don’t understand tweaking and the ways that Miley dances.

He said:

“My children are too young. They knew Hannah Montana and luckily they haven’t made the link yet.”

To be honest Hannah Montana was a role model but Miley is not so we can see where he’s coming from.

Kelly Osbourne Gets Into A Twitter Row With Katie Hopkins AND Drops The C-Bomb!

Kelly Osbourne Gets Into A Twitter Row With Katie Hopkins AND Drops The C-Bomb!

Kelly Osbourne is not happy!

The Fashion Police star has gotten into a Twitter row with former British Apprentice “villain” Katie Hopkins after she decided to bad mouth Kelly’s mum Sharon Osbourne.

Katie said about Sharon:

“Sharon reckons her time on the panel may be up. Either way, if she is going to look this good next year she will need to bulk buy plastic…

…She decided to collaps[e] in mild hysteria on the desk. Tears came out from behind her ears.”

This is not good at all she so rude!!

Kelly then saw what Katie said and decided to hit out at her on Twitter.

Kelly tweeted:




One thing we can say is were not usually a fan of what comes out of Kelly’s mouth but we completely agree with her!

Katie is one massive joke and is so fame hungry.

Adele To Become A MBE At Buckingham Palace This Week!!

Adele To Become A MBE At Buckingham Palace This Week!!

This week is looking like a big week for Adele as it’s been reported that she will become a MBE at Buckingham Palace this week by the Queen of England and will be added to the Birthday Honours List for “services to the music industry.”

Adele will then be known as Miss Adele Adkins MBE.

This is massive for Adele it’s another thing she can add to all the things she has achieved in her life.

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