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One Direction’s Lima Payne Goes Naked On A Boat

One Direction’s Lima Payne Goes Naked On A Boat

It’s the sight that most One Direction fans have wanted to see for a long time and today their wishes have came true.

A photo has appeared online of Liam Payne naked on a boat and when we say naked we mean completely naked.

The photo that was posted online has been  pixelated to cover his modesty.

Along with the photo that Liam shared himself he said:

“Damn that was my last pair!”

The photo was only shared a couple of hours ago and it’s already received over half a million likes from fans worldwide.

One viewer of the photo commented on the photo and said:

 “The real question is who was lucky enough to take this picture.”

Haha we wonder.

Alex Turner Jokes About His Brit Awards Speech

Alex Turner Jokes About His Brit Awards Speech

It’s speech at the Brit Awards last week was the talk of the town with people calling him ‘rude’ and ‘despicable’.

But now Alex Turner has joked about the speech at the NME Awards 2014 with Austin, Wednesday night.

As he collected another award last night Alex said at the O2 Brixton Academy:

‘I used all my best s*** last week,’

Alex has admitted that the reason behind his speech last week was because he was ‘nervous’ but why did he throw the microphone on the floor.

ITV Want Emma Willis For Prominent Role On This Morning!

ITV Want Emma Willis For Prominent Role On This Morning!

She hots in the This Morning hub twice a week but now ITV have said that they would like Emma Willis to host the hub permanently.

The trouble is Emma is very busy and hots other shows like The Voice and Big Brother and when she’s hosting these shows she’s not on This Morning but ITV just want her for their shows now.

ITV sources have reported:

“Emma is hugely ­talented and has so much potential to be one of the channel’s most high profile ­faces.

“They have a reputation for having great women and Emma would add to those already there and strengthen their position in the TV industry.”

Emma is a good presenter but she is the best presenter for Big Brother so hopefully she will fine a way of hosting both!

Emma Willis Says She’s ‘Not Ready’ To Host The Brit Awards!

Emma Willis Says She’s ‘Not Ready’ To Host The Brit Awards!

She may hast one of the biggest TV shows Big Brother but now Emma Willis has said that she’s not ready to host the Brit Awards.

This comes after James Corden announced last week that he would like Emma to take the role of the show’s host over from his as he will no longer host the show.

Emma admitted:

“It would be an amazing thing to do but also incredibly nerve-racking.

“I don’t think I’m quite ready for that gig just yet.”

She also hosts The Voice what gets massive view amount!

Maybe it’s the 20,000 people watching around her at London’s O2 arena.

Arctic Monkeys Singer Alex Turner Says He Was Nervous When He Decided To Throw The Mic On The Floor!

Arctic Monkeys Singer Alex Turner Says He Was Nervous When He Decided To Throw The Mic On The Floor!

He has been branded a ‘idiot’ after his behaviour during his speech at the Brit Awards last week but now Arctic Monkey’s singer Alex Turner has said that he was ‘nervous’ when he gave the speech.

The singer talked about his  strange behaviour and said:

‘In public I’m a quiet guy, so doing anything in front of lots of people always makes me nervous,’

‘I’m known for my music, not how well I deliver a speech.

‘People always assume if you’re in a band that’s been on the scene for ages that you’re going to be really confident, but that’s not true.’

He may have been ‘nervous’ but he didn’t need to drop the microphone on the floor and say ‘you can invoice me for that’

It made him a laughing stock.

Fearne Cotton Gets Into A Twitter Spat With Lily Allen

Fearne Cotton Gets Into A Twitter Spat With Lily Allen

Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton has sparked a Twitter row with Lily Allen after she accused her of ‘ignoring’ her at the Brit Awards 2014.

The pair have been friends for sometime now and Fearne just couldn’t make out why lily never spoke to her.

Talking to Nick Grimshaw during an appearance on his breakfast show Cotton admitted:

‘Lily Allen blanked me last night. Five times. She blanked me 5 times in a row,’

Cotton then went into details and said:

‘I don’t hate her. I got on with her really well last time she was here. We were in a great place. We talked about the kids.

‘So I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll say hi at the Brits.’ [But] she looked through me like a pane of glass. And she blanked Jesse. You know my boyfriend is the nicest guy in the world… blanked.’

Lily must have been listening to the radio station at the time as she tweeted to Fearne:

‘I did not blank you. That is simply not true. I didn’t see you or your husband.’
A second went: ‘any, why couldn’t you just come over a say hi yourself? (sic).’


fearne has since not replied to Lily’s tweets.

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