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Today’s Top News!

Today’s Top News!

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Bradley Cooper Could Make Lots Of Money From Ellen DeGeneres And That Oscar Selfie


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The Oscar Selfie Gets Recreated In Lego

The Oscar Selfie Gets Recreated In Lego

Over the last week the Oscar selfie has been copied by so many people.

But now the photo has been recreated by Lego.

In the selfie you can see Ellen DeGeneres’ and the rest of the clan made from lego!

Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o shared the photo with her Instagram followers as she said:

“And now we are Legos too! @lego. Birthday weekend of a lifetime! I think my brother had the #SpringBreak of a lifetime. Definitely most commemorated.”

Very good.

The lego people really look like the real A listers.

Best Twitpics And Instagrams Photos Of The Week!

Best Twitpics And Instagrams Photos Of The Week!

Every week hundreds of celebrity share photos online on their social networking sites and now every Friday on LukeWilliamsGossip.com we will be putting the best one’s together in on album.

Check out the best Celebrity Twitpics and Instagrams photos of the week below. 




















Bradley Cooper Could Make Lots Of Money From Ellen DeGeneres And That Oscar Selfie

Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Selfie Breaks Twitter As It Receives Over Two MILLION Retweets!!

At the Oscars on Sunday night the world most famous selfie was created and now it could be making someone lots of money.

Actor Bradley Cooper took the photo meaning that it’s actually his so any TV show that air the photo need to ask his permission and this included Ellen DeGeneres’ show The Ellen Show!

So when Ellen handed the phone to Bradley she handed the right to the photo too.

Basically he’s missing out on a lot of money lol.

We can’t see him suing people because he’s too nice for that.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Selfie Gets Made Into The Simpsons!

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Selfie Gets Made Into The Simpsons!

The internet has been filed with recreations of the famous Oscars selfie that Ellen DeGeneres tweeted online.

But now one of the best recreations was made by The Simpsons.

Sharing the photo to the world Jared Leto posted the cartoon photo on his Instagram account align wight eh caption of:

“I finally made it. I am a Simpson. :)”

The part where Bradley Cooper is kicking Homer is the best part lol.

Great photo.


Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Selfie Breaks Twitter As It Receives Over Two MILLION Retweets!!

Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Selfie Breaks Twitter As It Receives Over Two MILLION Retweets!!

Last night during the Oscars award show host Ellen Degeneres decided to take a selfie with lots of famous faces in the background including  Jennifer LawrenceBradley Cooper and Meryl Streep and the photo broke Twitter.

The photo has been retweeted over two millions times and has become the most retweeted photo on the social networking site.

The photo even beat President Barack Obama photo of him and his wife cuddling that received 778,000 retweets.

We can see any one breaking. this amount of rewets in the future so Ellen will have the title for a long time to come.

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