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Lady Gaga Gets New Trumpet Tattoo On Her Upper Arm

Lady Gaga Gets New Trumpet Tattoo On Her Upper Arm

Lady Gaga has shared her love for jazz music as she decided to get a new tattoo of a trumpet on the upper of her arm.

The singer posed for a photo showing off the tattoo that she uploaded to her Instagram page with the caption of:

‘…let’s go it’s jazz time world

Gaga got the tattoo in New York and decided to pose for a couple of photos with the tattoo artist who also had the same tattoo as her on his upper arm too.

Check out the photos below.


One Direction’s Zayn Malik Goes Topless In New Selfie

One Direction's Zayn Malik Goes Topless In New Selfie

One Direction star Zayn Malik has sent fans crazy after he shared a new topless selfie.

The singer showed off his tattoos that cover his body and has attracted a whopping 100,000 likes to the photo ever since he shared it.

A user of the social networking site Instagram said:

‘I love you and your tattoos,’

He knows how to attract likes and more followers doesn’t he?

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby Gets Rose Tattoo On Her Hip

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby Gets Rose Tattoo On Her Hip

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby has gotten a rose tattoo on her hip just like Cheryl Cole had on her bum.

The reality star showed off the new ink in a new Twitter photos as she posed with her holding her dress up.

We have to say we like Charlotte’s more that Cheryl’s but Chars needs a bit more colour.


Rihanna Gets New Cross Tattoo

Rihanna Gets New Cross Tattoo

Rihanna has so many tattoo’s but now she has decided to add another to the collection.

The singer was in the Big Apple over the weekend when she decided to stop off at the Bang Bang Tattoos on Saturday for the new ink.

Rihanna had the new ink of her wrist and Bang Bang posted the photo above on Instagram.

What do you think??

Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Tattoo Of A Music Note Behind His Ear

Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Tattoo Of A Music Note Behind His Ear

Justin Bieber already has most of his body covered in tattoos but now he’s managed to fine space for another!

The singer has posted a photo of the new ink on Instagram of a music note behind his ear as you can see above.

But that’s not it as he also added another two to his arm of a clown like face as you can see below.

Along with the photo below he said:

‘2 new tattoos tonight, trying to catch up, I’m getting one now to keep ahead lol #FAM’

Have a look at the photo.

Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Tattoo Of A Music Note Behind His Ear 2

Zayn Malik Gets Another Tattoo!

Zayn Malik Gets Another Tattoo!

One Direction’s Zayn Malik is a massive lover of tattoo’s and now he’s gone and added another one to the collection.

The singer popped into Weymouth ink specialists Tattoo Magic last Tuesday to add more ink to his arm witch now completes his sleeve collection on his arm.

The new ink is of a crying eye with tears that transform into smoke and clouds around his right elbow.

With 1D fans knowing every wear the boys are hundreds of teen girls turned up at the tattoo magic so Zayn asked to close and lock the door while the 90 minuet procedure happened.

Zayn’s girlfriend Perry Edwards was meant to see him getting the ink but due to the door being locked she couldn’t get in so she went to meet him in a local pub after.

Shop owner Paul O’ Connor told Bournemouth News:

‘Perrie’s brother Johnnie, popped in an hour before to ask if we could fit Zayn in,’

‘When Zayn arrived we had to lock the door because last time there were a crowd of screaming girls outside who kept coming in.

‘There were just two girls stood outside this time. They saw him come in and waited until he left. We had to pull the blinds down to stop them looking in.


That’s the trouble when your as famous as Zayn.

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