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Krusty Krab Spongebob Restaurant Pops Up And It Looks So Much Like The Cartoon!

Krusty Krab Spongebob Restaurant Pops Up And It Looks So Much Like The Cartoon!

As you may know Krusty Krab is a restaurant that starts on Spongebob Squarepants.

Well now the cartoon restaurant has been created into a real life restaurant where you can god and eat.

As you can see by the photo above the real-life restaurant looks exactly like the cartoon one.

The restaurant is in Ramallah, Palestine, and they will sell Krabby Patty burger!

As you can see the restaurant looks exactly the same and we will be looking forward to the reviews.

Pippa Middleton Opens Up About Being Auntie To Baby George

Pippa Middleton Opens Up About Being Auntie To Baby George

Pippa Middleton has spoke form the first time about being a aunt to baby George.

Talking in her first television interview to Matt Lauer, Pippa said about the little cutie:

“He’s amazing. He’s a very dear boy. And he’s brought a lot of pleasure and fun for all of us, the whole family. I love children and babies. So I would happily have one.”

He is so sweet.

We could see Pippa being a mother she would be a very good mum.

You never know we could be hearing baby news soon.

North West’s Diamond Earrings Costed £1,500 And She Only ONE!!

Kim Kardashian Shares Super Cute Photo Of North West With Her Daddy Kanye West On Fathers Day

As we told you yesterday Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West got her ears pierced for her first birthday.

Well not reports are saying that the earring costed a whopping £1,500 pounds!!

An experte who looked a the earrings said:

“Baby North West is one lucky girl, sporting diamond stud earrings that look as it they are about half a carat total weight set in platinum. Each stud looks to have a platinum setting holding a round diamond of one-fourth carat…Not bad at all when you consider that the average engagement ring diamond in the US is somewhere between a half a carat to 1 carat and the average in the UK is less than that!”

But at the end of the day when your parents are two of the most famous people int he world you can have 1 and half thousand pound earrings at the age of one.

Taylor Swift Wrote All Of Her New Album According To Ed Sheeran!

Taylor Swift Wrote All Of Her New Album According To Ed Sheeran!

These days most celebrity singers have help writing their albums but not Taylor Swift!

According to Ed Sheeran, Taylor has written all of her new album including every single song.

Ed spilled:

“I don’t think she’s teamed up with anyone; I think she did it all on her own. It’s really good.”

Ed then spoke about how different her new album will be to her other albums, Red:

“She has to evolve. If she makes another Red everyone will be like, ‘It sounds like Red.‘ But she’s evolved and I think it’s a positive step.”

It good when they write their own album other then getting other people to do most of the dirty work.

We will look forward to listening when it’s released.

Jennifer Lopez To Perform At The World Cup!

Jennifer Lopez To Perform At The World Cup!

Last week it was reported that Jennifer Lopez was going to perform at the world cup.

Then it was reported again that she wasn’t because of “production issues” but now it’s been confirmed that she will perform.

As you may know Lopez and Pitbull made the FIFA World Cup anthem, so it’s only right that they perform in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A insider at the World Cup has said:

“She had wanted them to cover everything for her, from private transportation, to her hotel and the costs associated for her entire entourage.”

Then when the news broke that she wasn’t going to perform the backlash was so great she just had to perform:

“The backlash was so significant that she decided that she needed to attend.”

Is this because of her good looks lol.

It is only right that they perform because they did make the song.

Cheryl Cole Puts On A Performance On The Britain’s Got Talent Final!!

Cheryl Cole Puts On A Performance On The Britain's Got Talent Final!!

On Saturday night it was the final of Britain’s Got Talent but it wasn’t just the finalists who where getting people talking.

Singer Cheryl Cole took to the stage to perform her new song Crazy Stupid Love, for the first time.

At one point in the performance Cole was joined by rapper Tinie Tempah.

Sadly for legal and copyright reasons the performance can not be uploaded.

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