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Rihanna On Jonathan Ross Show Intervie Preview

English: Rihanna at the 2009 American Music Aw...

English: Rihanna at the 2009 American Music Award Red Carpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we have reported befour that singer Rihanna will apear on the  Jonathan Ross Show tomorrow (2nd March) at 9.20 pm GMT on ITV she talks about the brit awards,Adele and more she also performs TALK THAT TALK for the first time.

Below is a little snipit of the interview:

“Yes I am a single lady,” Rihanna said on The Jonathan Ross Show this week. “This is not something I enjoy. Single life is overrated,” she explained. “You always want to be single when you are in a relationship but trust me it is no bueno. You don’t want to live your life and then meet someone, you want to share your life with someone. I feel like that is what I am missing right now.” The singer described her ideal man as being “cool, fun, funny”.

Rihanna talking about Adele:

“Really I came to the Brits to stalk Adele, it was nothing about the awards or the performance, for me it was just to see Adele again.  She doesn’t know the depth of my affection. She has no idea.” Rihanna said she eventually had to stop listening to Adele’s Grammy Award-winning sophomore record because it upset her so much. “I had to stop listening to it cos it was depressing me so much. You become so attached to the stories, it’s really something you identify with.”

She also said that she loved going on the Tube to the brit awards.

“There is so much traffic, it is an hour-and-a-half approximately to the London O2 every time and it is 10-15 minutes on the Tube. I hate waking up early and I am always late so the Tube is 10 minutes. Me and my fans all went to the concert, that was the coolest part definitely. I enjoyed it, I was painless. I’m not afraid of interacting with people, it’s harmless.” She added: “I feel people only act crazy when you treat them crazy.”

ITV Gives An Apology After Cutting Adele Off From Her Acceptance Speech

So they should the biggest award and they just cut her off even before she has the time to thank her fans.

This is what they had to say about Adele getting cut off:

We regret this happened and we send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short this evening due to the live show over-running. We don’t want this to undermine her incredible achievement in winning our night’s biggest award. It tops off what’s been an incredible year for her.

Fingers crossed they wont do it again!!

Adele Flips Out At The Brit Awards

When Adele was in the middle of saying thank you at her acceptance speech for Album of the Year at the Brit Awards, she got cut off as the show was running out of time!

The presenter James Corden Walked on stage and stopped her half way through she dint really have time to that her fans for buying the album.

Adele was a little upset about being stopped and she stuck her finger up at the crowd she said:

I flung the middle finger. That was for the suits at the Brit Awards, not my fans. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but the suits offended me.

 It was so sad to see Adele get cut off and it was the biggest award of the night but at least she won 2 awards.

Watch the video above.

Ed Sheeran Rocks The Place At The Brit Awards 2012

He such a good singer we love him people say hes the fittest ginger alive haha

He sang his massive hit Lego House He blew the audience away he was that good!!

Have a look and let us know about what u tort about the video above!!

Florence And The Machine Sings At The Brit Awards 2012

Florence and the Machine performed at this years Brit awards

Decked in a gorgeous golden gown and dancers draped around, Florence commanded the stage.

She crooned and wowed the audience as her dancers moved gracefully around her.

Have a peep at the video above!

The Brit Awards Rember Whitney Houston

It was so nice to see the Brits rember not only Amy Winehouse but Whitney Houston too.

Watch the video above.

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