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Justin Bieber Beggs Calvin Klein To Let Him Model Their Underwear!


Justin Bieber loves to pose with his top off for Instagram snaps.

But now Bieber has hinted on the photo sharing site that he would like to model for Calvin Klein!

The singer shared the photo above with the caption of:

What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or no”

We have no clue if he will model for Calvin Klein in the future but is he having words about making his dream a reality??

What do you think could he be a underwear model??


Miley Cyrus Tweets Very Worrying Photo Of Her Looking Very Skinny!

Teen queen Miley Cyrus has tweeted a very worrying photo of herself looking very very slim!

But it’s not. Normal type of slim as she looks anerexcic and it’s so not normal.
Along with the photo the beauty tweeted:

my “Fiance” jeans. but for real though.

It makes us feel so sick to see her that think like a twig.

Her pilates instructor has defended her weight, saying people “just need to chill out,” but we can’t help it if we’re worried for Mileybird!
Meanwhile, fiance Liam Hemsworth just told Men’s Health that he worked out so hard for The Hunger Games, he actually had to wait half an hour after sessions before driving home.

Image via:Twitter.

Remembering Whitney Houston

We are putting together a photo album of photos so we can look back and sees all of Whitney Houstons best bits of her amazing career in the music industry. If you’ve got any photos you like to see in the album send the in to us on please add in the email where the photo of Whitney was ie Grammy awards or something like that thank you.

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