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Loom Band Thong Get’s Banned From eBay Because Of Nudity Rules!

As we have told you before about the lady and her daughter that created a Loom band dress.

Well now it’s been taken to a next level as someone has created a loom band thong.

The item was then put on eBay by the person who made the loom band thong but it was removed by eBay because of ‘Nudity Rules’.

22-year-old Sam Innes spent more than 24 hours creating the skimpy underwear and when the photo was posted on eBay he uploaded a photo of him wearing the thong and eBay where not happy about this at all.

The item was at the bidding price of £30 and it only costed £6 in materials!

Girl Spends £18K On Looking Like Kim Kardashian

Girl Spends £18K On Looking Like Kim Kardashian

A british girl called Claire Leeson, has spent £18,00 on having surgary and plenty of other thing to look like Kim Kardashian.

Claire was bullied over the her looks when she was a teenager and looked up to Kimmy and how beautiful she is and saw her as a role model.

One of Claires school friends asked her if she had been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians  and after that she decided to give i a watch and completely became gripped to the family.

Talking during a interview Leeson said:

“When I get my Kimmy on I feel like I’m unstoppable and untouchable and I feel like no one can stop me and I can make something of myself. I feel strong… and I feel that I have built enough confidence to love myself a little bit more.”

Claire has had:

Boob job: £5,000
Teeth whitening: £2,500
Hair extensions: £4,500
Make-up: £1,000
Spray tans: £1,000
Nails: £500
Bum padding: £350
Shoes and clothes: £3,150

Trouble is then at the end of the interview she admitted that she is in £6,000 debt and has bailiffs after her!

She really needs to pay her debt’s before she ‘gets her Kimmy on’.

Loom Band Dress Reaches £150,000 Bids On eBay!

Loom Band Dress Reaches £150,000 Bids On eBay!

For the last few months a craze has been sweeping the UK and they are called loom bands.

They are tiny rubber bands what can be folded into a bracelet or anything you want.

Now someone has taken it to a next level by making a dress made out of the tiny bands and is selling it on eBay.

At the moment the dress is selling for a whopping £150,000 on the auction site 126 bidders have bidder of the dress what anyone can make if they have the time.

What do you think?

Would you be spotted out with a dress made from rubber bands?

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Charges £250 For A Selfie!!

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Charges £250 For A Selfie!!

Louis Tomlinson may be a little out of pocket at the moment.

As you may know the One Direction star has just purchased Doncaster Rovers and now Louis has said that he will be charing £250 for a selfie as he wants to host the clubs earrings by  £123,500 and aims to make £2million.

But that’s not it because you can also be the mascot for £200, take part in the half-time freekick challenge for £300 and for £12,000 you can book a match day VIP box.

So basically you need to be a millionair.

What do you think would you pay £250 for a selfie??

Bailiffs To Enter The Big Brother House Because Housemate Mark Byron Owes £1,000!

Big Brother

Big Brother’s Mark Byron likes to gob off and shout (que the scouse accent) F**king gob shite at people but it looks like the next person he shouts at will be the bailiffs.

Mark owes the bailiffs £1,00 and according to sources they are about to enter the house to take what he owes out of his £5K winnings that he won at the start of this years series last week according to new sources.

The landlord, David Dowie has said the following:

 “I was watching ‘Big Brother’ and he was sat in the diary room and had won that money.

“He was saying he was going to use it to buy a pug dog.

“I don’t have someone living in that flat for the high life, it is because it helps to balance the books.”

A Channel 5’s spokesperson has said the following:

 “We will deal with any legal procedures as is required.”

Ohhhh that’s so not good!

Maybe he will pay up next time!

Holly Willoughby Triples Her Money From Last Year!

Holly Willoughby Triples Her Money From Last Year!

She’s the UK most popular television presenter and now it’s been reported that Holly Willoughby has tripled her money from last year.

Holly’s production company Peaches Productions Ltd has seen a successful income over the last year.

Holly currently presents This Morning Monday – Thursday, Celebrity Juice and Surprise Surprise and was reportedly earning £400,000 for presenting BBC One’s The Voice last year.

Companies House records has said that Willoughby had £32,000 in the bank in 2009 and then in 2012 she had £583,000 and now the balance has reached  £1.47million.

Holly really is a a very successful woman and lots of people look up to her for it.

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