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Peaches Geldof’s Cause Of Death Confirmed As A Heroin Overdose

Peaches Geldof Was ‘Hooked’ On Diet Pills!

The death of Peaches Geldof has been confirmed today!

It’s been announced that the daughter of Bob Geldof died of a Heroin overdose.

Peaches passed away on Sunday April 6th and today Peaches’ husband Thomas Cohen gave evidence in court and said that he knew about her drug habits and admitted that Peaches started taking the drugs again back in February 2014.

Tom then told the coroner that Peaches told him that she was having weekly drug tests and then where coming back as clear.

DCI Paul Fotheringham gave evidence at the inquest, and admitted that Peaches body was found in the spare room with drug paraphernalia around her.

Coroner Roger Hatch said:

“Someone who stops or ceases to use heroin then resumes is less able to tolerate the levels they previously had.”

Geldof was estimated time of death was 8pm on Sunday April 6.

Tulisa’s Drug Court Case Collapses!

Tulisa’s Drug Court Case Collapses!

For the last few weeks Tulisa Contostavlos has been in and out of court for trying to see drugs to a journalist.

Well today the curt case has collapsed and Tulisa walked away from court today a free lady!

The trial was held at London’s Southwark Crown Court and ruled that Sun on Sunday undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood gave ‘entirely inconsistent evidence’.


In a statement the former X Factor judge said:

“Let me be perfectly clear. I have never dealt drugs and never been involved in taking or dealing cocaine.

“This whole case was a horrific and disgusting entrapment by Mazher Mahmood and the Sun on Sunday newspaper.

“Mahmood has now been exposed by my lawyers openly lying to the judge and jury. These lies were told to stop crucial evidence going before the jury. This evidence shows that I told Mahmood’s long-standing driver that I disapproved of drugs, which is the truth.

“It is clear that the driver was pressured to change his statement to strengthen Mahmood’s evidence and to damage mine.

“Thankfully the lies have been uncovered and justice has been done.

“This case only happened because Mahmood and his team tricked me into believing I was auditioning for a major movie role.

“They targeted me at a time when things were going badly for me and they had no mercy.

“Mahmood got me and my team completely intoxicated and persuaded me to act the part of a bad, rough, ghetto girl.

“They recorded this and produced this as evidence when I thought it was an audition. It was a terrible thing to do.

“As my lawyer said at the outset, we have now succeeded in exposing the real culprits and, most importantly, the real liar.

“As someone who has had my life ruined for the last year I strongly believe that this type of entrapment should not be allowed to happen to anyone.

“I urge both the police and News UK to investigate Mazher Mahmood and his team and to put an end to his deceit in pursuit of sensational stories for commercial gain.

“I have not been able to work for a year, and I am now looking forward to resuming my career.

“I will use these experiences to make me stronger. I would like to thank all the people who have supported me through this terrible ordeal, including my fans and, of course, my legal team.”

Let’s just hope they charge Mahmood now!

TOWIE Star James ‘Arg’ Argent Angers ITV Bosses After He Tweets Photo Of Him Using Balloon Filled With ‘Hippy Crack’

TOWIE Star James Arg Argent Angers ITV Bosses After He Tweets Photo Of Him Using Balloon Filled With ‘Hippy Crack'

The Only Way Is Essex star James ‘Arg’ Argent has anger ITV bosses after he tweeted a photo of him using a balloon along with three friends filled with hippy crack.

James shared the photo to his 1.4 million followers last month but then deleted it when he received backlash.

Over the last month or so fellow co-stars Mario Falcone and James Lock, where taken off the show due to  Class C drug.

James is not the only celebrity to use these so called balloons because over the last few months fellow TOWIE star Jessica Wright and Michelle Keegan have been photographed using the balloons.

Not the best of things to do.

Hopefully he has learnt his lesson.

Friend Of Miley Cyrus And Rihanna Says They Love A Joint!

Friend Of Miley Cyrus And Rihanna Says They Love A Joint! YELLO

Lets put it this ways lots of stars love to smoke Weed but according to Rihanna and Miley Cyrus’ friend Mike Will Made It they are completely in love with the stuff.

Mike was on Hot 97 an during the interview he admitted that the girls are massive fans of a joint.

Talking on the radio show he said:

“To tell you the truth, not too many people have been around Miley [when she smokes]… But I’ve been around her and she’ll roll a blunt this fat… Rihanna rolls blunts too… But you know what it is? Rihanna rolls blunts. I don’t really smoke blunts. I smoke papers. Miley rolls papers, you know what I’m saying?”

 Very funny.

It looks like Rihanna has been caught out.

Rob Kardashian’s Weird Behaviour Put Down To Prescription Drug

Rob Kardashian’s Weird Behaviour Put Down To Prescription Drug

As you may know over the last few months Rob Kardashian has been acting very strange.

Well now his behaviour has been put down to him taking lots of prescription drugs according to sources.

A source has said:

“He’d just lie around his place smoking weed, doing drugs, watching movies and eating. He said he ‘needed’ the pills. He only knows how to party to excess. He is so depressed and needs help.”

The the source went on to say that he has been taking Norco, Percocet, along with the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Someone needs to get him help and FAST!

Simon Cowell Speaks For The First Time Since The One Direction Drug Video Was Published!

Simon Cowell Speaks For The First Time Since The One Direction Drug Video Was Published!

Since the video was released online of One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking drugs Simon Cowell has kept hush hush until now.

The music motel has spoken about how he feels about the boys doing drugs but it seems he’s willing to forget and support them.

Simon admitted:

“What I can say is that they’re the hardest-working boys I’ve ever worked with. They still haven’t changed. They’re really respectful of their fans. They’re a great British export [and] they’ve been a joy to work with. I’ve worked with a lot of artists in the past who do lose the plot, who do lose respect for their fans, they’ve never done that.”

They must be so relieved that they have Simon on their side because at the end of the day he’s the boss and what he says goes with these boys.

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