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Chelsea Handler Gives Up Her Chat Show!!

Chelsea Handler Gives Up Her Chat Show!!

Chelsea Handler is one of the biggest chat show hosts in America burn now sadly that’s all about to come to a end because Chelsea has announced that she is ending the show.

The show called Chelsea Lately has ran for lots of years now and will run her last show in August.

The reason behind Handler ending her show is because she’s fed up with celebs.

Talking to the Mailonline:

To be quite honest I don’t really care about Justin Bieber and I don’t want to talk about him anymore. In order to make that happen I had to just stop doing my show. Straight away.’

Over the years Chelsea has had the worlds biggest and has had starts like the Kardashian sisters stand in for her when she’s been unwell or on holiday.

The show will be missed.

Sharon Osbourne Slates Justin Bieber On Chelsea Lately

Sharon Osbourne Slates Justin Bieber On Chelsea Lately

Sharon Osbourne is not a one for keeping her thought to herself but now she’s been airing her thoughts on Justin Bieber on Chelsea Lately.

Talking on Monday nights episode of the show the X Factor judge admitted:

“He would have to go to a hospital to get my foot out of his ass. And after they pried my foot from his ass, it’s all about the music.”

“If you make great music, I’ll accept anything. If you’re a great artist, I’m not so judgmental. But when you do floppy, poppy, disposable music, I don’t care. For me he doesn’t do anything that’s going to stand the test of time.”

She the got serious and then said that if she was in charge of Bieber he would be making the best music he could be:

“If I seriously managed him, I would put him in the studio until he came out with a great album, and then, it gives you a license to misbehave.”

We think Sharon need to look after him lol.

He wouldn’t know what hit him.


Chelsea Handler Will Not Interview Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan Or Her Mum And Dad!

Chelsea Handler Will Not Interview Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan Or Her Mum And Dad!

If a fan of Chelsea Handler you will know that her new series of Chelsea Lately kicked off on Monday night, but Chelsea has said that she will not be interviewing  Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Her Mum And Dad!

Handler reveled this when she sat down with Access Hollywood to talk about who she does NOT want making an appearance.

The girls where  the first to be mentioned not to be on the show:

“Well probably Paris Hilton or something. She hasn’t begged [to come on], but I mean, I can’t look at her. She’s like the worst. Isn’t she? Don’t you think she’s the worst?”

She’s not the only one as E!’s late night host doesn’t want anything to do with Lindsay Lohan or her family either:

“No, I can’t talk to them. That’s just [a] hot mess. I mean, I really hope something happens for Lindsay. Honestly at this point, I would pay for her to go to rehab. She needs to get away from those parents. It’s terrible.”


Cameron Diaz & Gwyneth Paltrow Do A Rap For Chelsea Handler WATCH HERE!

Celebrity best friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are taking the music scene by storm as they did a rap for  Chelsea Handler!

The girls did the rap for Chelsea’s show Chelsea Lately!

Have a look above.

Gwyneth Paltrow Parties With Her Fellow A-Listers!

at the ceremony.

at the ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gwyneth Paltrow has all the a listers at her 40th birthday party.

On Friday night Gwyneth and her husband  Chris Martin were joined by celebs like BeyoncéEthan HawkeJake GyllenhaalChristy TurlingtonSteven SpielbergKate CapshawJessica SeinfeldChelsea Handler and Kristen Wiig as they went out for dinner in the Upper East Side eatery.

The guest where ment to arrive at the dinner at 7:30pm but Gwyneth was half hour late and then pulled up with  Cameron Diaz, who reportedly helped her get ready beforehand.


Chelsea Handler Is Writing Her Own A 50 Shades Of Grey

Chelsea Handler at LA Direct Magazine's "...

Chelsea Handler at LA Direct Magazine’s “Remember to Give” Holiday Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chelsea Handler has decided to write her own 50 Shades Of Grey Parodybook!

The chat show host says that her book will be really funny and lots of fun.

The Chelsea Lately host’s  new book will be called 50 Shades of Chartreuse: This Time It’s Personal.

The new book will be out next year.

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