Peaches Geldof’s Cause Of Death Confirmed As A Heroin Overdose

Peaches Geldof Was ‘Hooked’ On Diet Pills!

The death of Peaches Geldof has been confirmed today!

It’s been announced that the daughter of Bob Geldof died of a Heroin overdose.

Peaches passed away on Sunday April 6th and today Peaches’ husband Thomas Cohen gave evidence in court and said that he knew about her drug habits and admitted that Peaches started taking the drugs again back in February 2014.

Tom then told the coroner that Peaches told him that she was having weekly drug tests and then where coming back as clear.

DCI Paul Fotheringham gave evidence at the inquest, and admitted that Peaches body was found in the spare room with drug paraphernalia around her.

Coroner Roger Hatch said:

“Someone who stops or ceases to use heroin then resumes is less able to tolerate the levels they previously had.”

Geldof was estimated time of death was 8pm on Sunday April 6.

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