Danny Dyer Cheated On The Mother Of His Children With A 21-Year-Old Student!

Danny Dyer Cheated On The Mother Of His Children With A 21-Year-Old Student!

Today news has broke that Danny Dyer cheated on the mother of his two children Joanne Mas with a young student.

The Sunday Mirror, has reported that Dyer spent the night with the young girl after he meet her in a club and she sent him a naked photo to his phone.

Danny then swapped numbers with the girl last month but she hasn’t heard from him since.

Over the years Danny had admitted to cheating on Joanne and she has forgave him.

A friend of the student has told The Mirror:

‘She wasn’t sure whether he had a partner when they started talking, but the conversation flowed really easily between them both and kept on almost all night.

‘They had a few drinks and when it got late they decided to leave together. She was a bit embarrassed afterwards, and told her friends that he had gone back with her.

‘It really isn’t the sort of thing that she would normally do, and she certainly wouldn’t have taken pictures with a man, but was a bit starstruck and carried away in the moment.’

Today Danny wasn’t meat to be at a book singing but he announced on his Twitter page that he wouldn’t be turning up.

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