Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Have Been To Bible Lessons Together!

Justin Bieber Won Selena Gomez Back By Buying Her $10,000 Worth Of Flowers!

When Justin Bieber said that he will do anything to win Selena Gomez back we didn’t think that he would turn to god.

The singer has reportedly attended a bible reading lesson with his new on/off lady Selena.

According to a Twitter user and a fan they broke the news as they said:

Justin & Selena were in a very popular weekly bible study tonight. It was a packed house and I was so happy to see them there with Hugo. 🙏

— Stalker Sarah (@SarahMOnline) June 19, 2014

A source has also said:

“Justin has told her that he’s changing his ways and she totally supports him and feels like he’s finally grown out of that bad boy phase. So they are both in really healthy and positive place right now. And what’s really been making a difference is that they have both praying together and you can tell what an impact this has been making on the both of them, especially Justin.”

Maybe he just want to turn good and he’s turning to god for this.

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