Coronation Street To Air Their Most Controversial Storyline To Date As 12-Year-Old Faye Windass Finds Out She’s PREGNANT!!

Faye Windass.jpg

Over the years Coronation Street have had their fair share of shock story lines.

Well now they have pulled the biggest shock out of the bag as they are about planning a new storyline about school girl Faye Windass who’s about to fond out she pregnant at the age of 12.

The soap that aires on ITV are reportedly currently writing the storyline and it will air later this year,

Faye is played by Ellie Leach and will follow the same similar storyline from years ago when Sarah-Louise Platt, played by Tina O’Brien, found out she was pregnant at the age of 13 back in 2000.

As you can imagen with this sort of sensitive storyline the expers get involved and now Family Education Trust’s Norman Wells, has said:

‘One of the problems of giving prominence in a soap to life experiences that are extremely rare is that it can distort people’s perception of reality and give the impression that such experiences are far more common than they really are.

‘In spite of the fact that teenage pregnancy rates in the UK are high compared with many other parts of Western Europe, they are still thankfully rare – and pregnancies in 12 year-old girls are much, much rarer still.

‘Scriptwriters and production companies need to take great care that in their desperation to attract high viewer ratings they do not normalise behaviour that is both illegal and damaging to impressionable children.’

We have to say we are looking forward to seeing the storyline (and the backlash from the press).

Anything in Coronation Street is good to us one of the best soaps.

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