Kylie Minogue Rapper Pauline Gives Helen Wood A Pass To The Final In Big Brother

Kylie Minogue Rapper Pauline Gives Helen Wood A Pass To The Final In Big Brother

It’s the pass that they would all like to have under their belts.

But last night Big Brother housemate Pauline Bennett give Wayne Rooney former lover Helen Wood a pass all the way though to the final.

That means Helen can be as nasty,horrible and awful as she wants and she cannot be voted out.

Also Big Brother announced that Pauline has 48 hours to decided what housemate she wants to be put up for eviction every week until they are voted out!

Helen seemed completely in shock when she found out the news because if it was up to the public we would have thought that she would have been voted out one of the first.

This news has not gone down well with the public because a lot of Twitter users voiced their feelings on Twitter.

One user said:

#couldnt believe that muppet Helen got through 2 the final!! Just shows u being a pro does give u benefits lol

Another said:

So Helen gets a pass to the final of Big Brother ! An idea borrowed from BGT ? #BBBollocks#BB


If Helen turns out to be a d**khead I’m going to be p****ed of she’s got a free pass to the final#bbuk

We will have to see it’s early days yet and we have three months to make our minds up on Helen.

You never know she could win the show if she turns out to be a nice person.

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