Wayne Rooney’s ‘Lover’ Helen Wood To Enter Big Brother?

Wayne Rooney's ‘Lover' Helen Wood To Enter Big Brother?

Today lot’s of speculation is flying around the internet about who’s going to be entering the Big Brother house tonight.

Now it’s been reported that Wayne Rooney‘s ‘lover’ Helen Wood is to enter tonight to spill more dirt on her affair with the footballer.

Helen made lots of headlines in 2010 when the news broke about her allege relationship with Wayne.

A source has reported that Helen was meant to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house but then they decided to downgrade her to put her in the non-celebrity house.

The Daily Star has reported:

“We understand Helen was supposed to go on Celebrity Big Brother back in January but for some reason she was dropped,

“The fact that she has landed a place on the regular Big Brother right at the same time Wayne will be playing for England in the World Cup is more than just a coincidence.

“She has deliberately gone on Big Brother to spill more dirty secrets about Wayne, which could distract him from focusing on the big game next week.”

Remember nothing has been confirmed it’s all speculation at the moment but to find out you’ll have to tune in tonight to see.


Helen Wood entered the Big Brother house last night so the reports where correct.

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