Cheryl Cole To Be The Midwife For Kimberley Walsh!

Cheryl Cole To Be The Midwife For Kimberley Walsh!

Cheryl Cole has volunteered to put the microphone down and to become a midwife for her Girls Aloud band member Kimberley Walsh.

Cheryl has now admitted that she wants to be as hands as possible when the baby is born and when she gives birth.

Kimberley told The Sun:

“Cheryl wants to be a part of everything. She even gets excited about my morning sickness in a way ‘cos it’s all part of the baby package.

“I am sure that she’ll have on a nurse’s uniform – and be bossing people about if she could be at the birth. It’s very sweet.”

Sadly for Chezza she will be on the X Factor when the babes born as Kimberley continued:

“I keep telling her that the baby is due during during X Factor,” Kimberley added, “So I think it’s most likely it will be me, the baby and a big tub of popcorn watching the telly instead. She can babysit after.”

We could just see her at the goal end waiting to catch the baby when it fly’s out LOL.

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