ITV’s New Breakfast Show Good Morning Britain To Face The Chop After Being On Our Screens For 5 WEEKS Due To Low Ratings!

ITV Launch New Breakfast Show Good Morning Britain But It Looks Very Much Like Good Morning America

It’s been reported that ITV’s new breakfast show Good Morning Britain is to face the chop after only 5 weeks of being on our screens due to love viewing figures.

The show started off well because male viewers where turning in just to see show host Susanna Reid but soon received complaints because she was ‘stuck behind a desk’ and the male views couldn’t see her legs LOL.

The show has reportedly failed to reach 15 per cent of the audience and needed to to survive.

The new show took over from former breakfast show Daybreak that also failed to win the ratings.

The show his only receiving around 690,000 viewers, when it’s rival BBC Breakfast is getting around 1.5 million tuning in every morning.

A senior source at ITV admitted that the programme would be unable to continue, unless viewers returned. 

A source has reported:

‘No-one is expecting to beat the BBC and no-one is expecting to get over a million viewers,’

‘But we do want it to get above 15 percent – or it is toast.’

This is not good news at all.

The new show was surpassed to be ITV’s new baby and it clearly isn’t.

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