Kendall Jenner Buys Twitter Followers!?

Kendall Jenner Buys Twitter Followers!?

According to new reports Kendall Jenner buys Twitter followers.

An app has checked though Kendall’s followers list and came back with the results that over half of her near 8 million followers are ‘fake’ and ‘inactive’.

In Touch magazine did the checks with the app and found that a whopping 4.6 million were fake or inactive accounts.

A source has reported to the magazine:

‘Kendall and her sisters have bought a good amount of their followers.’

Another source has now reported that Kendall get paid $1000 every time she tweets an advertisement for a product and to do tho she needs a massive amount of followers and buying them was the best way for the reality star.

Another source reports:

She knows the more followers she has, the more she’ll get paid to tweet.’

Paying for followers is a complete waste of money but when your making $1000 every time you tweet about a new product it’s worth it!

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