Animal Planet Refuse To Air The New Series Of Monkey Life

Monkeys Come Out In The Rain At Monkey World

It’s one of the most loveliest shows on the TV but now Animal Planet have chosen to not air the new series of Monkey Life.

Monkey Life is a show that is popular worldwide and follows the daily life of the animals and star at Monkey World in Dorset, United Kingdom.

The show has been on for many many years now and was formally known as Monkey Business and is hugely popular and is watched everyday.

Monkey World have announced on their Facebook page today that Animal Planet can’t find a slot to air the new series (series 8) later on this year.

Taking to their Facebook page they said:

“Hi all

Today marks the end of an era but hopefully also a new chapter in the history of documenting the lives of our inhabitants at Monkey World. Unfortunately I have to let you know that Animal Planet (AP) have not found space in their upcoming schedule for Monkey Life series 8. However we know that you and many other people around the world love the series and have been avidly watching the park’s progress for the last 18 years. We are committed to finding a way to get these programs made for you and are looking at a number of options at present.

Primate Planet Productions have moved ahead with the regular filming schedule and have already collected 80% or more of the footage needed to complete the next series.

We want to be able to keep you up to date on our plans so please send your email addresses to You will then be the first to receive information in the next few days.”

They really need to find a slot and lots of people agree.

It’s the end of an era!!

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