Kylie Jenner Does A Tattoo On Lionel Richie’s Son UNDERAGE!

Kylie Jenner Gets A Tattoo UNDERAGE?!

It’s been reported that Kylie Jenner has helped tattoo someone underage.

The reality star was hanging out with Khloe KardashianFrench Montana and Miles Richie when Miles decided to get a tattoo from John Petro, a tattoo artist who has inked many celebs.

Reports have said that while Miles was getting the ink Kylie allegedly put on some gloves and put her hands on top of Petro’s, helping him tattoo Miles.

Well in america you have to be 18 to give or help with a tattoo and Kylie is only 16.

If the police decided to deal with this Kylie could face a fine of $1,000 and John could have his license suspended!

To be honest $1,000 to Kylie Jenner is like $1 to you or me so she’s clearly not worried but we bet John is.

Maybe leave it to the tattoo artists next time Kylie!

[Photo Via : Instagram]

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