Ben Shepherd Says Good Morning Britain Is Not Just About Susanna Reid’s Legs

Good Morning Britain Viewers Take To Twitter To Complain That Susanna Reid Is Stuck Behind A Desk

ITV’s newest breakfast show Good Morning Britain didn’t start off with the best of reviews.

But one thing that the male viewers watch for was to see host Susanna Reid’s legs but now Susanna’s co-host Ben Sheppard has said that it’s not all about her legs.

Talking about the show Ben said:

“I find that extraordinary that people say that. It beggars belief,”  “Susanna is an incredible journalist, who has worked for 20-odd years in this industry yet seemingly her legs are more important.”

Ben then started talking about working with Susanna:

“I have had the pleasure of working with broadcasters and journalists over the years and I have ­realised, in just a short space of time, how brilliant Susanna is.”

He’s completely correct but sadly that’s why most people watch the shoe because you only have to look at Twitter on a daily basis to see that.

Susanna is a very talent journalist and people need to start seeing her for that and not her legs.

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