Amy Childs Admits She Was Addicted To Surgery On ITV’s This Morning

Amy Childs Admits She Was Addicted To Surgery On ITV’s This Morning

Today comer The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs appeared on ITV’s This Morning with her mum Julie.

During the interview about plastic surgery and fillers the reality star admitted that she was addicted to surgery!

Talking to show hosts Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford Amy admitted:

“When you’re in TOWIE you’re glamorous and everyone was like ‘I’ve got to be like Amy and the otherTOWIE girls’ and I did get addicted. Boob job, getting my lips done…”

After having lots of trouble and complications Amy admitted:

“I don’t want to have them in anymore. I’m looking to have them taken out and to be smaller, but I’ve got to think I’m 23 years of age and I can’t be having scars all over my boobs.”

 “I woke up six weeks ago and had a major pain in my left boob, I told my mum and she took me straight to the hospital. I had an ultrasound and on the scan the implant is coming away basically from my body. All you could see was all fluid around the implant. It has caused me major pain.”

Amy’s mother Julie then spoke about her daughter addiction:

“I obviously never wanted her to have any plastic surgery at all, she was beautiful and didn’t need it, but she was body conscious and when she was 18… I would have loved to have locked her in the room and not had her do it – but I’d rather be with her to give her the support.”

Childs also said that when she had her lips done for the third time they went all lumpy and awful.

This is what happens when you inject c*ap into your body.


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