Peaches Geldof Was In Rehab Just Days Before Her Death!

Peaches Geldof Was In Rehab Just Days Before Her Death!

Over the last couple of days so much has come out about Peaches Geldof’s death.

But now it’s been announced that Peaches was in rehab just days before her death according toThe Sun.

The source reported that Peaches kept her rehab visit hush hush and even her husband Tom Cohen didn’t know.

Geldof use to wear a hoodie to not be recognised when she use to visit the rehab to collect prescriptions for heroin substitute methadone.

A member who worked in the rehab has said the following:

 “We were on first name terms but I called her ‘P’. I last saw her a couple of weeks ago. She was fine, but furtive.”

 “She used to wear a hoodie to disguise herself. The first time I saw her I thought I recognised her and we just chatted about a few things.

“I said, ‘I recognise you from somewhere’ and she told me her name was Peaches. That was when it clicked

Peaches apparently told the staff that they shouldn’t tell any one that she was back on the drugs and visiting the rehab.

The rehab worker carried on in saying:

“She said, ‘You’d better not say anything to anybody’. She didn’t want her husband finding out.

“She said he was completely straight and that Dad would go spare if he knew anything about it.

“She said she didn’t want her family or her husband to know about the drugs and it was top secret. She used to arrive on her own. She was on a script (prescription) and had to turn up weekly.

Peaches was apparently on 20mg/ml of methadone and caring on what the rehab worker was saying he admitted:

 “She was most concerned about her husband. She said, ‘You won’t believe it he’s a really straight family man. I married a really straight really nice bloke. He won’t understand, it would affect my kids’.

“She seemed like a really normal girl. To me she was a celebrity.”

At least she tried to get help but clearly it didn’t work.

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