Katie Price Is Never Going To Speak To Peter Andre Again!

Katie Price Is Never Going To Speak To Peter Andre Again!

Katie Price and Peter Andre split up over five years ago now and haven’t had much contact.

But now Katie has said that she will NEVER speak to Pete again.

In a interview with Fabulous magazine the former glamour model admitted:

‘I never wanted a divorce from Peter,’ ‘That was his decision, not mine.’

‘He’s never, to this day, told me the reason why. We don’t speak. Too much has gone on. I’ll never speak to him again.’

Katie then we on to admit that her world fell a part when she split from Pete as she said:

‘I can be bad … When Pete left me, I was devastated and I went out drinking and partying.’’

‘It was my way of melting down – I felt like everyone hated me and none of it was my decision. My life fell apart.’

Katie also admitted that she feels a lot happier when she’s in a relationship:

‘When I’m single, I’m bad. When I’m in a miserable relationship, I’m bad, but when I’m in a good relationship, I’m ‘happy Kate.’

She does seem really happy being in a  relationship and in fact we think this is the happiest she’s ever been.

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