Justin Bieber’s Dad Kicks A Woman In The Face!

Justin Bieber’s Dad Kicks A Woman In The Face!
It seems we are starting to find out just where Justin Bieber gets hiss anger from.

Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber haws been accused of kicking a woman in the face!

When Alicia Wadden was 18 years old in 2002 Jeremy allegedly kicked her in the jaw after he attended her party at her house.

This is what she had to say:

“I went out through the kitchen to go to the bathroom, when Jeremy told me to lift up my shirt. I said don’t be disgusting…. Later at around 5am I went out to the kitchen and was hinting around that I was tired and wanted him to leave… Jeremy said: “Oh I’m leaving anyway, I don’t want to stay here drinking with you, loser Newfies (Newfoundlanders).” I replied, “don’t be so mean” and then he said to Jamie (my roommate), “is that your girlfriend, because if it is, you better shut her up”. That made me really mad so I smacked him in the face.’ He was trying to walk toward me and Olivia had her hand on his chest, holding him back. I don’t know if he was going to hit me though. Jamie took me in the living room and I heard a big bang, so I ran out to see what it was and my door was smashed in. I put on my sneakers and followed Jeremy outside to the cab and I was pointing at him telling him to never come back and that he was never welcome here again. Then out of nowhere he kicked me in the face and I fell to the ground. I must have been knocked out because all I remember is waking up and not being able to close my mouth.”

Alicia admitted that she hit Jeremy in the face and her ring caught his lip an d made it bleed.

She carried on in saying:

“I only lived a few blocks from the hospital and I literally sprinted round there. As I ran I felt I had bits of teeth in the back of my throat. I had to spit them out.”

“[Jeremy] needs to understand that his egotistical tough guy image isn’t helping him any. He’s basically paving the road for Justin to follow down. Justin needs to realize that his dad isn’t the man he seems to think he is. He looks up to him and that is dangerous, because it seems he wants to behave like him to win his approval.”

This is not good.

You shouldn’t hit anyone especially a woman!


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