Paul O’Grady Hits Out At Alan Titchmarsh Again!

Paul O'Grady Slams Alan Titchmarsh For ‘Copying His Ideas' And ‘Stealing His Set’!

Coming towards the end of last year Paul O’Grady hit out at Alan Titchmarsh about how Alan’s chat show copied his.

But now it seems the row has recurred it’s ugly head as Paul has hit out at at Alan again.

Talking about his rival chat show Paul said:

“Everything we did, they did a week later, I am not one to cross if I have a grudge.”

The last time Paul hit out at Alan was on the Alan Carr : Chatty Man show as he said:

“If our paths cross in the corridor, he will rue the day. When he first started doing it, it was our set. Even our hideous topiary, which I hated, was nicked.”

Alan has since spoke about Paul’s comments and said:

 “I don’t know where that came from but it made me smile”.

“How a show is structured is entirely down to the producers, I just go on and do my job,”  “Good luck to him.

“I don’t bear him any animosity, but I don’t know why he got so hot under the collar about it. If you can’t say anything nice about someone don’t say anything at all.”

Then Alan started talking about if he bumped into Paul and what he would say:

“I would smile sweetly and just say, ‘Morning Paul’,”  “I have no axe to grind with him at all.”

We could just see these two having a massive fight in the corridors of ITV lol.

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