Meet The Man Who’s So Scared Of The Kardashian’s It Makes Him Physically Sick!

A 24-year-old from has admitted that he’s petrified of the sight of the Kardashians!

Retail assistant Mike Amess has admitted that when he looks at the Kardashian sisters it makes him physically sick and he breaks out in a cold sweat whenever he sees or hears the family.

Talking about his phobia Mike admitted:

‘My hands get clammy, my breathing gets heavier and I start sweating. Sometimes, I get teary and want to retch.’

‘I was raised Catholic and growing up, I tried to repress my sexuality and deny that I was gay.

‘Loads of the boys at school were going on about how good Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape was. I thought I’d give it a watch in the hope it would turn me on.

‘I downloaded the video and watched it secretly in my bedroom. But the sight of Kim writhing around with her huge bum and the sound of her horrible high-pitched wailing repulsed me.

‘I really wanted to be aroused by her so I kept watching it but she made me feel more and more upset.

He then carried on in saying:

‘By the end of the tape, I had burst into tears. The experience left me terrified and I never wanted to see Kim’s face again.

‘I have come to terms with my homosexuality now but my dread towards her has never left.’

‘I dislike everything about them, especially their physical appearance. I don’t understand how anyone could find them attractive.

‘I can’t stand their voices either. They’re so whiny and shrill – it really gets under my skin.’

Mike then talked about how he just can’t get away from Kimmy and her family as he said:

‘It’s impossible to get away from Kim, let alone her whole family. Every website or magazine you read has them plastered all over.

‘I really enjoy reading the news but if I see Kim on the cover of a newspaper or a big picture of her across a website, I won’t go near it.

‘It makes life really difficult. Sometimes, I miss out on a lot of important news or celebrity gossip because I have to avoid anything which features the Kardashians.’

We love the Kradashians but like lots of people have been tweeting on Twitter joking that they have the same phobia lol.

He is correct the family is every wear.

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