Mo Farah Finishes Eighth In The London Marathon

Mo Farah Finishes Eighth In The London Marathon

Yesterday thousands put on their running shoes and took part in the 34th London Marathon.

So many famous faces where scene taking part in the marathon but one person who’s use to running is Mo Farah.

The Olympic star was amounts the thousands who took part as he jogged though the streets of London with his security beside him on a motor bike.

Mo came 8th in the marathon and finished in 2hrs 8mins 21sec witch to me and you is really good but now Mo.

Farra has said that he’s disappointed with his time as he told reporters:

‘It was pretty tough. I had no experience of this but I’m quite disappointed today. You try things and if it doesn’t work at least you have given it a go.

‘100 per cent (I’ll be back). I have now got to finish it. I’m not going to finish it like this.

‘I will be back and I think it’s a matter of experience and learning. I’m just disappointed I haven’t given the crowd what they deserved.’

He did so well he should be proud.

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