Lee Ryan Gets Charged With Criminal Damage After He Was Arrested For Drink Driving And Suspected Cocaine Possession’

He wrecked his career in the Celebrity Big Brother hoist at the start of this year.

But now he’s still now doing his career any favours as Lee Ryan has been charged with criminal damage after he was arrested for ‘drink driving and suspected cocaine possession’

The Sun has reported that at 5.30am after a night out with his bandmate Duncan James and also the newspaper reports that Lee ‘went berserk and peed all over his police cell’, which led to him formally being arrested again.

Lee also failed to provide a specimen and criminal damage and is set to appear at the Ealing Magistrates’ court on Friday, 2 May.

Lee management have told the Daily Mail:

‘I can confirm that Lee was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning. He was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and is awaiting a court date.

‘He was charged with failure to provide a specimen and criminal damage. A controlled substance was found in his possession.

‘This low point has caused considerable concern to Lee’s family, loved ones and of course the Blue boys. Worried about his recent erratic behaviour, management have now intervened and taken appropriate action.

‘No excuses will be made on Lee’s behalf, but he will be seeking professional help for those issues that he has been unable to overcome on his own.’

This is so not good for Lee!

What is he doing??

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