Harry Styles ‘Admires Justin Timberlake’

Harry Styles ‘Admires Justin Timberlake'

Harry Styles has a long list of celebrity friends.

But now the singer has talked about how much he ‘admires’ Justin Timberlake.

Harry has said that he is hoping to strive in the same footsteps of Timberlake and his first move to achieve that dream was buying a house in LA what he did recently.

An insider has admitted Heat:

"Harry prefers LA because he could be a real star over there. He wants a solo career like Justin Timberlake’s,”

"He’s already been writing for Kodaline and [The X Factor USA winners] Alex and Sierra, and recording solo demos. He wants to act, too, and he can’t get the real gig if he stays in a boyband that 12 year olds like. He loves 1D, but he feels it could limit his longevity. He asked Kendall [Jenner]: ‘How many boybands do you know that keep going for more than five years?’"

It’s good to look up to your idols and we could see Harry becoming the next Justin in a few years.

But the question is will he be going solo??

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