Jennifer Lopez Is Working On A Christmas Album!

Jennifer Lopez Is Working On A Christmas Album!

It may have only been just over three months since Christmas passed.

But now Jennifer Lopez is currently working on a Christmas album for this year witch will be her 10th studio album.

It’s now been said that J.Lo has been in talks about making this album with producer David Foster, for a long time.

Jenny from the block has said:

“Yes. It’s with David Foster. It’s all about finding the right time to do things. David Foster and I sat down and talked about this over six, seven, eight months ago and we sat down and we just started singing. And then he came back to me and was like, “Hey, look what I did.” He’s such an amazing producer. It’s crazy. Then he played me from just little vocals that I was doing there with him with the piano, almost fully-produced Christmas songs. I was like, “Oh, my God.” He’s like, “We have to finish this album,” and I was like, “We have to do this album.” And so we’ve been talking about it. Actually I just saw him yesterday, so I’m hoping to do it. I don’t know if it’ll be for this year or next year, but I would love to.”

J.Lo has now commented on the album news and said:

“Yeah, I would like to do a couple of originals, but of course it will be classics.”

This will be great!

Most of her songs over the years have prove big success so we can see a christmas album doing the same.

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