Kelly Brook Engaged To David McIntosh Even Though They Split A Few Weeks Back!

Kelly Brook Ends Her Relationship With David McIntosh After Just SIX Weeks Of Dating Because He ‘Liked The Fame Too Much!'

If you remember back to last to last month when we told you that Kelly Brook had split for her boyfriend David McIntosh after a few weeks dating.

But now it’s been reported that the pair have gotten engaged even though they split up an only first started dating 11 weeks ago.

A friend of Kelly has said to a newspaper:

‘It’s still a closely guarded secret and came to Kelly as a massive shock.

‘But she is at that time in her life now where she wants to make a commitment and she has fallen head over heels for David.’

But now looking back did he asks her to marry him on Thursday because she tweeted:

‘International Day of Happiness – it certainly is.’

Humm we wonder how long it will last this time?

We can’t belies they are engaged!

Kelly completely slated David in the press by saying that he liked the ‘fame side of things’.

What ever next?

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